Essay about The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:38
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Fulfilling the basic physical needs for children is not the only part to raise the outstanding person anymore. Establishing good habits and behaviors has more influence on children’s future developments. In spite of not having steady and nutritious meals, children with proper education still can evolve their interests and become an expert in that field. In the Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls, the Walls are always moving, running out of food and money because their parents did not have stable jobs. However, the parents love their children and always encourage them.
They also believed in the importance of education. Even with a rough childhood, the author, Jeannette still achieved her dream job to become a correspondent and a writer. With the suitable parenting style, even children with rough childhoods can become promising adults.Cultivating reading habits to children is indispensable for them in later life. From the Glass Castle, Jeannette’s mother read picture books with Jeannette and her siblings in their early childhood. This activity established good reading habits for Jeannette and her siblings.
When she was older, after dinner, her father read the dictionary with the kids, looked up the words they did not know, and discussed the definitions (Walls 56). Because of the reading habits her parents gave her, every time Jeannette did not understand a word, she looked up the word in the dictionary. The routine of reading dictionary after dinner and the habit of looking up an unknown word in the dictionary helped Jeannette build up her vocabulary. With abundant vocabulary and excellent reading skills, Jeannette did not have problem with her college admission test. Studies show that having good reading habits not only increa. .
m by herself. Achara’s dream of become a teacher has come true. Now she is teaching her students not only school subjects but also life experiences that she has learned from her mother. Parents should stop being over-involved in children ‘s lives in order to make them more independent.As you can see, the way parents raise their children can greatly affect children’s futures. Reading can give children some new ideas and knowledge they cannot learn from schools or their parents.
It also improves their literacy which becomes a learning booster that helps them perform better in school. With self-confidence, people are more willing to try the things they are interest in without dreaded to fail. Once they reach their goals, they are more likely to make a contribution to society. Children who are growing in these environments are also more likely to enjoy their adulthoods.

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