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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:16
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“The Secret Life of Bees” Movie Review “The Secret Life of Bees” is a movie that takes us through the incredible journey of a young girl named Lily Owens. She grows up with the horrible memory of the day she accidentally killed her mother. She and the family maid who has tried to fill the empty void as her mother, Rosaleen, escape the mistreatment that Lily receives from her father, T-Ray. After Rosaleen heard the news on T.V.
about the Civil Rights Act being passed, she decided to take the opportunity and register to vote. As they got to town to register Rosaleen, she dumped the juice from her chew container onto men who made fun of her. She was arrested, and that is when they escaped. When Lily asks her father for more information about her mother, he told her that the day she died she was coming back to get her belongings. He tells Lily that her mother didn’t want to take her when she left. This upset Lily because she believed that a child couldn’t have two parents that didn’t love her.
Lily has very little of her mother’s possessions, but the few items does have include her mother’s gloves, picture, and a wooden picture of a black Mary. On the back of the wooden picture, Tiburon, SC was inscribed. This became their point of destination as they left Lily’s hometown. As they reach Tiburon, they stop at a convenient store and Lily notices that the same picture that is on her wooden picture is also on the honey jars. They investigate and are led to a house where the “Calendar sisters” live. These three incredible women help Rosaleen and Lily out by letting them stay with them at their bright pink house.
It is here that the two learn about bees and how they function as a society . .. Lily gets to stay in a home that makes her feel loved. She writes down her story, including her thoughts and emotions, into a book that was given to her by Zach. This movie takes place in South Carolina in 1964.
This was the peak of racism in the South.(“Do”) Many African Americans found support in a nonviolent African AmericanActivist named Martin Luther King Jr. The result of all movements towards civil rights resultedin passing the Civil Rights Act in 1964. It was not uncommon to see a colored maid or cook in a white persons home. ?Works CitedPrince-Bythewood, Gina, dir.
The Secret Life of Bees. Fox Starlight Pictures, 2008. DVD.”Racism Against African Americans.” . N.
p., Online Posting to Do Web. 18 Dec. 2013.

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