Essay on Homeschooling As A Benefit? Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:25
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Homeschooling as a BenefitThe question of whether homeschooling is a good option has been thrown around for many years but peaked a strong interest in parents during 1980’s and 90’s. Traditional schooling has proven to be beneficial in some areas in the past but times have changed and new techniques and advances have emerged. The newer emerged idea of homeschooling is one of the newer techniques that has proven itself to be very propitious. Traditional schooling’s credibility and effectiveness have lowered since homeschooling has emerged. Homeschooling is superior to traditional schooling because of a more productive work environment, positive socialization opportunities, and exceptional academic achievement.
Homeschooling offers students a productive learning environment by allowing the instructor to tailor to the individual learning styles of the student. Linguistic, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and mathematical are some of the many different types of learning styles that students fit into. Students that are homeschooled have more opportunities to test and learn about different learning styles. Homeschooling is purported to propagate the idea of independent thinking (Homeschooling 1). Teachers in traditional schools tend to choose curriculum that they enjoy or fit their learning styles. While there are good teachers who try and meet the needs of the majority, it is still impossible to meet the needs of a big group of students.
According to Brian D. Ray, who was commissioned by the Home School Legal Defense Association, the one-to-one tutorial method has a tendency to equalize the influence of the parents’ educational background on the child ‘s educational performance (Homeschooling 1). The work ethic of pa. .is the ultimate final goal of the average high schooled student and being accepted into a good college says it all when it comes to academic achievement. Homeschooled students now attend over 900 different colleges across the country (Davis 4).
Homeschooled students have been noted by numerous colleges for their achievement in the first couple of years of college. One example is this is the University of Saint Thomas, when they noted that students who had been homeschooled had higher first year grade point and higher cumulative grade point averages (Larabell 4). While being accepted and attending college is amazing, graduating from college is fantastic. It is proven that students who are homeschooled have a higher graduation rate from college, due to the study habits they have built at home and the perseverance to want to succeed in college (Larabell 3).

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