Essay on Macbeth ‘s Ambition And Ambition Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:15
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As explained by Marques, “The greatest evil which fortune can inflict on men to endow them with small talents and great ambition” (Marques). Ambition can be infinite. Ranging with the combination of good qualities and bad qualities. The distinction between having too much ambition and having too little all depends upon the person and is misconstrued depending on this person’s morality. It is healthy to have ambition and pushing oneself to be the best.
But in the case of Macbeth, he has too much ambition and is unable to control it. When Banquo and Macbeth stumble upon the witches, Macbeth takes to prophecy to heart, while Banquo ignores it. This only increases Macbeth’s need for power, therefore his ambition. On the other hand, for Lady Macbeth, her ambition is already clearly evident, which she insists on pushing Macbeth to murder Duncan. Although the supernatural plays a crucial role in the couple’s evil doings, the real root of their evil stems from their increasing ambition. It is evident that the supernatural plays a key role in their madness, and did affect Macbeth’s choices and also affected Lady Macbeth mental health greatly, however it wasn’t the main reason.
According to Macbeth’s letter he suggests, “Which fate and metaphysical did doth seem to have crowned withal…” (48). Macbeth is telling his wife that the only thing that is keeping him going for the crown is the reassurance from the “supernatural aid” or the witches’ prophecy. In this instance, Macbeth assumes that his destiny is being predetermined by the supernatural impulses and helping him gain his power. As if he has a larger calling in life, then what meets the naked eye. This gives him a sense of power, and a sense of opportunity to surpass any obstacle tha. .
ng to do whatever it takes for them to get on top. MacBeth was never satisfied with what he already had, neither was Lady MacBeth. Their actions lead to a domino effect of destruction, because is not only affected their mental health but affected other people’s lives as well. To add to their already evident ambition corrupting each other, the supernatural occurrences was a sign of insanity, or a sign of their uncontrollable ambition exploring the possibilities for more. Thus, pushing them to go beyond their limits of sanity, blindsiding them with greed. It is wrong on so many levels, because both sacrificed others for their own sake in order to feel more complete with themselves.
But at the rate they were going, and with their last dying breath, there is no possibly way for them to ever gain, because what they wanted was so vast and practically impossible to obtain.

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