Essay on South And Whitaker Street On The Park Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:28
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The sun is staring directly at me as I began to hide for cover .I can hear laughing voice everywhere. The sound of a soft country melody that just went flying passed my ear. I can stretch out anywhere on this thirty acres. Where am I? If you was thinking a park you are exactly right.
I am visiting one of the city largest park in Savannah, GA which is known as Forsyth Park .Forsyth Park is extremely huge. The park is bordered by Gaston Street on the North, Drayton Street on the East, Park Avenue on the South and Whitaker Street on the West. Where should I began? This park is open to the public. There’s a lot of tourists who come down to view the different historic place here in Savannah, Ga. Forsyth Park is one place many tourists seem to walk upon.
This park is broken up into many sections. There is a place to walk to grab a bite to eat, which is known as the Forsyth Cafe. There’s a two sided children’s play area that is sectioned off by the age in which the child is, how interesting. There is even a Fragrant Garden for people who are blind .There also an area for sports lovers, whether you play tennis and or basketball court .Wow there’s even a place for Frisbee lovers to have a toss around.
As I begin to walk down the end of the park. I can see that the park has been sectioned off tremendously. As I move out of the way so that the people who are working out can have their space on walk path that goes around the entire park. On the left side of the bottom of the park, there’s a fence in basketball court. The only people to be inside is boys or men having a one on one game or five men playing basketball against one another as a team. This entire area seems to be crowd men of all ages and nationality .
I am not surprise to not se. .amounts of material and non-material resources (such as the wealthy vs. the poor) and that the more powerful groups use their power in order to exploit group From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedias with less power based on information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In my opinion I don’t believe that theirs is a social conflict with the park itself anyone can come to this public park and have a great time. Many people often travel to view or experience the beauty in which the park has been founded on .
Forsyth park is a historical park you will never forget once experience. As I bring my observation to a closed I believe the park will fall under a social interactionism experience because of it’s a major framework of sociological theory. This perspective relies on the symbolic meaning that people develop and rely upon in the process of social interaction.

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