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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:44
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Hurricane Katrina hit the southern coast of the United States on August 28, 2005. The center of Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on the morning of August 29, 2005. The devastating effect of this hurricane resulted in more than 1,800 citizens losing their lives, as well as more than an estimated $81 billion dollars in damages occurred.
By August 31, 2005, eighty-percent of the city became submerged under water because the storm surge breached the city’s levees at multiple points. If the levees are damaged massive water will flood Louisiana from the Gulf Coast, the Mississippi River, and other surrounding bodies of water. Some areas of New Orleans were 15 feet under water. Winds of Hurricane Katrina reached an astounding category 3 as it passed through downtown New Orleans; however, it felt as if it were category 5 winds.
Tens of thousands of victims held on to roof-tops for their lives and scattered to shelters during and after the hurricane. In Southeast Louisiana, ninety- percent of its citizens were evacuated in the most successful way in our nations history. However, the elderly and the poor remained in the area. Those who did not evacuate obtained shelter in the Louisiana Superdome. Also, those who did not leave there homes had to swim for there lives through deep waters or remained trapped in their attics or rooftops.
The national disaster of Hurricane Katrina resulted in long-lasting consequences for the citizens of New Orleans, mainly which the society will never completely recover from; Social Consequences, Economic Consequences, and Environmental Consequences. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina led to one of the most severe humanities in our nations history. There are many social consequences including; racial, c. . among the most visited cities in the United States.
Besides the attraction of its French Quarter, its internationally renowned restaurants, and its first-class accommodations, a series of celebrations, including Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, has drawn thousands of tourists to the city. These lively activities were affected by Hurricane Katrina. These events usually drew in money for the economy but when Katrina struck none of the events could happen. Also, casinos in mainly in Biloxi, Alabama drew in much of the states money. These casinos were destroyed by the hurricane.
One casino called Harrah’s New Orleans building was used by first responders as a base of operations in the days following the storm. Fortunately, Harrah’s was able to open just in time for Louisiana Mardi Gras on February 17, 2006.

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