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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:36
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Rogerian Argument: Tropic Thunder The movie “Tropic Thunder” is a comedy about five actors who set out to create a movie about a Vietnam veteran’s experience. The actors self-absorbed, attitudes caused them to look fake and over-dramatic. As a last minute last hope effort, the director sent these five actors to, what he believes, is where the war actually happened. Soon after arriving to this unknown land, the director is blown up by an old land mine.
The actors then find themselves trapped in a real life situation where they have to use their newly learned skills to survive being stranded in the middle of a dangerous drug triangle. In the movie, Tugg Speedman was a fading action star that was going through a rough patch in his career after he failed badly in his bid for an Oscar. Prior to playing in the war movie, Tugg played a young man named Jack in a movie called Simple Jack. Simple Jack was the film within the film about a mentally challenged farm boy who was left behind by a traveling carnival and was force to like with a farmer, Chet Chetkinson, and his wife, Rebecca. Through out the movie, Jack dealing with the hardships of rejection, but through it all, he has the courage to overcome adversity a live a happy life with his momma and animal friends.
After his movie, Simple Jack, was a bust, Tugg was in desperate need for a hit to restore his reputation. During one of the scenes in the movie, the two actors, Kirk Lazarus and Tugg Speedman, were having conversation on why Tugg’s movie, Simple Jack, turned out to be unsuccessful. (Tugg Speedman: There were times while I was playing Jack where I felt. pause retarded.
Like, really retarded. Kirk Lazarus: Damn! Tugg Speedman: In a weird way I had to sort of just free myself. . iler?”.
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