Essay Why is Diwali so Important that lots of People Celebrated it?

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:02
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Diwali is the festival of light in the Hinduism religion. People celebrate Diwali for different reasons. Yet, Diwali is still celebrated for different reasons. Some people celebrate it for the return of Load Ram. People also celebrate it for the return of the Pandavas who came back 12 years after.
Other will celebrate Diwali because of Krishna killed Nakasura (an evil demon). Why is Diwali so important that lots of people celebrated it? First of all, what is Diwali and why is it important. Then, why do people light candle on Diwali. Lastly, Diwali is important because of the return of the Pandavas. The movie, Hanuman by V. G Samant is an animated movie, which talks about the god Hanuman and Hindu’s religion called Diwali.
The characters in this movie are Hanuman, Load Ram, Ma Sita, and Vishnu. Hanuman is one of the gods that fall under Vishnu’s group. Load Ram and Ma Sita are gods that fall under Vishnu’s group as well. Vishnu is one of the divine for Hinduism. It talks about how the divine, Vishnu, takes Hanuman to visit Load Ram when he was younger.
After staying with Load Ram, Ram let Hanuman go and he knew that Hanuman and he will meet again. After, Hanuman meets Load Ram again in the forest finding Sita. Hanuman took Ram to a king that helped find Ma Sita. After a few days, they found out that she is an island, where a demon, Ravana, kept her. Ma Sita says to Hanuman that, “I will wait here until my husband come and get me.
” (V. G Samant) When Ma Sita said that he gave that message to Load Ram, which he started to prepared his army. This is showing that Hanuman is one of the Gods that help Load Ram defeat Ravana and save Sita. First of all, Diwali is celebrated for the return of Ram and Sita after 14 years.
Diwali is at late October or late November. Diwali is so important to Hindu because it is when one of the gods returned back home after defeating the demon. In the movie, Hanuman helps Load Ram bring back his wife, Sita. As well as, Hanuman was one of the people making sure that Sita was safely returned to Load Ram. During the movie, you see why Vishnu introduced Hanuman to Ram.
This is was because Vishnu knew Hanuman will help Ram when he needed. As well as, Hanuman treated Ram with lots of respect. Diwali is celebrated because of Load Ram killing Ravana, which is the god of evil. When Load Ram, Ma Sita, and Ram’s brother, Laskman, returned to the city called Ayodhya.
People were happy to see Load Ram and Ma Sita come back safely to the city. Diwali is celebrated with sweets and fireworks to represent the return of Load Ram and Ma Sita. In conclusion, Diwali is important because it one of the main story, which is the return of Load Ram and Ma Sita. Secondary, Hindu celebrate Diwali by lighting oil lamp or deeps. Based on Diwali festival’s website, it states “So, during the Festival of Lights, ‘deeps’, or oil lamps are burned throughout the day and into the night to ward off darkness and evil.
” (diwalifestival) In the movie it shows how the cities are lighting candles for the return of Load Ram. Based on my thesis, it shows why in Diwali we light the oil lamps. In the oil lamp, it was used in the olden time which is cotton and oil. These results, Load Ram defeat the demon Ravana.
To welcome Ram back the city light Candles to keep the darkness and evil away. This is showing how Diwali is important by lighting candles to prevent evil and the return of Load Ram. This even shows a sign that good always win. On Canada in Content’s website, it states “Diwali celebrated the victory of Rama, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. ” (Abraham) This is showing how the victory of Ram has symbolized a couple things. It shows how good always win against bad, the light will bet the darkness.
Load Ram shows that knowledge is better ignorance which let him win. In conclusion, lighting the candles is one of the symbols of the festival of Diwali. This is because it shows that good wins over evil, and knowledge is greater than ignorance. Finally, Diwali was even when the Pandavas returned after 12 years.
This came out of the one the text called Bhagavad Gita. After losing a game of dice, the Pandavas were banned and did not return until 12 years. The bet was made from their cousin who is the one threw them out of the kingdom. As well as, the Pandavas got a message that their home where they lived after they got kicked out will catch in fire.
After that, nobody heard from the Pandavas for over a year. When the Pandavas came back they were asking for their Kingdom back but their cousin refuse to give it back. Since Pandavas’s cousin refuse to give their kingdom back, it caused them to go to war. For the return to the Pandavas, people who loved the Pandavas lighted the lamps.
This is important to Diwali because some people will celebrate Diwali because of the return of the Pandavas. Based on the movie, Hanuman, there was a similar thing like this when Load Ram help a person get his land back. The compares are that both stories, they are getting their kingdom back from someone. In the Pandavas, they are getting from their cousin while in the movie, it is his brother. Lots of people celebrate for many reasons.
Diwali is important because the theory behind the celebration of Diwali, people lighting candles and the Pandavas. For most people, Diwali is celebrated for the return of Load Ram and Sita. Then, People light candles to bring good over bad. Finally, some people celebrate Diwali because of the return of the Pandavas. This even shows how Hanuman helped Load Ram and Ma Sita defeat Ravana.
Diwali is not just for Hinduism. For the Sikhs, they have symbolized Diwali as red-letter day. In which all of the Sikhs will gather and get blessing from their Guru. For Jains, it means the day when Mahavir Tirthankar, the modern founder attained his moksha. In conclusion, Diwali is a very important festival for Hinduism because of the return of the Pandavas and Load Ram.
As well as lighting the candles to keep evil away. It is celebrated over northern India for many different reasons. Diwali is celebrated in different ways for different people. As well, it is not celebrated only for Hinduism but as well as other religions. Therefore, Diwali is important not for one religion but to many religions around the world. Works Cited• Abraham, Virginia.
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