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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:19
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THE EUROPEAN POSTIslam In Europe Pg188Islam the religion that the Franks and the other Germanic people brought to Europe. It started in the west of Europe. The powerful force began spreading through the middle east and the Mediterranean world. Islam came from Arabiain 632. People that believe in Islam are called muslims.
The Christians in Europe began to worry because the muslim army began to win victories in the mediterranean world. They overran Christian kingdoms in North Africa and Spain. Franish warriors led by Charles Martel defeated a Muslim army. This defeat and others made the muslims go back to Spain. How do you become a Knight?Pg192To become a knight at the age of seven, you are sent to the castle of your father’s lord.
Here you learn to ride and fight from a horse and from the ground. You learn how to keep their armor and weapons in respectable condition. The training to become a kinght was very difficult and strict discipline was given if lazy. You would finishing training around the age of 21. There would be a ceremony to induct you in as a kinght.
Now you would be ready to become a knight. As a knight you would go off to fight battles if there was any going on. If there was no fighting you would partcipate in tournments. Lords may invited you to these tournments with other knight from your area to see your fighting skill. The Benedict Rule pg 197Benedict was monk who founded the monastery of Monte Cassino in Italy about 530 A. D.
. He set up rules to regulate life at the monasteries. These rules became, the Benedict Rule and has spread to monasteries and converts across Europe. Under the rule of Benedict monks and nuns took an oath of poverty.
They also took vows of chasity or purity of obedience to the abbot. Thier chief duties were prayer and worship of God. The Agricultural RevolutionPg 201The Agricultural Revolution of Europe began by the 1000’s. Most of the new technologies came from farmers in the country side. By 800 peasants were using new iron plows to plow their farms. This is a major improvement to the wooden plows.
Harnesses were also founded to use horses instead of oxens to pull plows. This led to people expanding their land. A peasant also designed a windmill to grinding grain to flour. All These inventions led to the doupling of population in Europe between 1000 and 1300.

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