Exemplification: Cruising Should be Banned Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:07
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Most of us have enjoyed “cruising” sometime in our lives. For many, it was one of our favorite pastimes. If you lived in the “American Graffiti” era, it was the in thing of to do. I remember when cruising was a popular activity on Main Street in Mesa for many years, until it was banned a few years ago. Now the controversy is over whether to ban cruising on Central Avenue in Phoenix.
City officials are trying to reroute the weekend riders to Washington and Jefferson streets. Although cruising may be enjoyable to quite a few teenagers, there is no positive purpose for it. The negative effects of cruising outweigh the reasons for it by far. Cruising should be banned altogether because cruisers have proven to be very loud, dangerous, and a contributor to our pollution problem.
I have sympathy for those who live near Central Avenue. The weekends are very noisy in this vicinity.
For example, some of the stereos blasting away could accommodate a rock concert. The base volume coming out of these speakers is felt in your heart as you drive along Central.

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