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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:32
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Growing up in Apple Valley is an indelible experience not too many people go through.
Every time I say I’m from Apple Valley people always don’t know where Apple Valley is. I usually say that it is off the Interstate 15 freeway, like you are heading to Las Vegas, right next to Victorville. Then they finally realized that they have heard of Apple Valley. It is very indecipherable to say exactly where Apple Valley is.
People constantly think that Apple Valley is simply a big desert and there are only poor quality people who live there. The truth is Apple Valley is a very beautiful place to live. Apple Valley has some imperfect parts of the town and there are its good parts. I feel that the good parts overcome the bad parts. I have seen a lot of other cities that are much worse and they still have a well-rounded reputation. For instance, the High Deserts biggest city, Victorville.
Victorville has much more crime than Apple Valley, much more pollution, and many more troublesome citizens. Victorville also has a lot more traffic on their streets because there are so many more people. Apple Valley has about two-thirds the amount of population Victorville has and with that comes less traffic on the roads. Less traffic on the roads means less smog pollution, less traffic accidents, less paramedic’s the city has to hire, and less the city had to pay out towards medical response. Most cities want to save money so they might be able to spend more money on the city or even cut some taxes.
The less smog pollution is a really pleasant factor that comes with living in Apple Valley. It is nice to know that you are breathing in fresh air, not air that is dirty and full of pollution. Apple Valley really doesn’t have much to do for kids and teenagers. That is probably one of the main complaints about Apple Valley. The way I see the situation is you can always drive somewhere and the fun really isn’t that long of a drive away.
Now I have relinquished from Apple Valley but I would recommend living in Apple Valley to anyone. I think there are so many people that don’t realize how nice Apple Valley actually is when you live there because there are a lot of people that were born and raised in big cities and that is just what they are used to.Bibliography: .

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