Factors in the Rise of Hitler Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:46
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The rise of Adolph Hitler contained many key factors that allowed him to become the powerful dictator of Germany that we remember him as today. These factors range from the mindsets of the people around him to the economical factors of the day.
Without each of these important conditions, Hitler’s rise to power might have been a much slower, or for that matter, inexistent, process. The first major factor was that Germany was experiencing a Great Depression, much like the situation in the United States. The people of the country were at a great low in their morale, and they were grasping for someone or something to make their lives a little bit better. That someone ended up being Hitler. He rose in popularity as he gave bread to the hungry, and made the people happier with his speeches about how the Germans were the best people on earth. Next, came the great amount of propaganda that Hitler fed to the German people.
Since they were so fond of him for helping them during the Depression, they hung on every word he said, and they truly believed him when he made statements indicating that different peoples, especially Jews, were the ones who were making their lives as bad as they were. This propaganda made the people join in Hitler’s cause, and completely support him. These supporters were the ones that made Hitler become so strong. They became his soldiers, his strategists, and his suppliers.
Without their initial support, his actions might have been deemed cruel and unnecessary, and the people of Germany could have stopped his work before it had gone very far. Of all of these factors, the most crucial to Hitler’s rise was the first element that, in turn, led to the other factors- the Great Depression. Without that situation, the German people could have possibly been more judgmental and not have accepted, as their leader, the first person to help them. The Depression gave these people mindsets that ultimately allowed their complete and total control by one man, Adolph Hitler.Bibliography:

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