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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:36
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OneSo it was the hand that started it all His hands had been infected, and soon it would be his arms His hands were ravenous. Montag had just stolen a book. It was something that he believed had to be done in order to change the world and make it better. His idea had started in his head and then went to his heart.
This is what caused his hand to grab the book without him telling it to. Montag, Faber, Granger, and Peekay have affected their society in many ways. They took something that they strongly believed in, or something they felt should be changed, and went after it until they had succeeded greatly and had gotten what they wanted out of it. Do you know why books such as this are so important? Because they have quality. And what does the word quality mean? To me it means texture. This book has pores.
Faber says this to Montag towards the beginning of part two in the book Fahrenheit 451. He was trying to explain to Montag that it was not books he was looking for; it was the meaning they hold. The society in the book Fahrenheit 451 is very messed up. They are not allowed to think freely. They never have the chance to.
An example of this is when Montag was on the train, trying to read a book. But he couldnt because the speaker kept on repeating Denhams Dentriface and other advertisements. This made Montag very mad because he couldnt understand the book as it is, and the speaker was interrupting his thoughts. Another thing is that the people have no feelings, and they dont care about other people. For example Mrs. Phelps, who is one of Mildreds friends, doesnt even care that her third husband had been sent off to war.
And that when he left, he said to her go find someone else and marry him if I die. It seemed as if Mrs. Phelps didnt care if her husband would die in the war. And another one of Mildreds friends, Mrs. Bowles talks about her divorce, how one husband was killed in an accident, one husband committed suicide, and her two kids that hate her terribly as if she didnt even care. She then talks about the many abortions she has had.
And also, how she sends her kids to school and they only come home two days out of a month. And when they are home, she wishes she never had them. So she turns on the TV for them and they just sit there. This makes Montag very mad. In their society they arent allowed to look at things closely, or just sit there and do nothing. There is only a minimum speed limit so everyone goes about one hundred miles per hour.
The twenty foot billboards are ripped down and two hundred feet ones are put up so that when people drive by so quickly, they could at least glance at them. And most importantly people are not allowed to read books. Their government feels that books only put down people and their beliefs. Books also make people smarter than others, which would be unfair. People should be born different but then made equal to cause no hate. This is why Montag must be a fireman, so he can go around burning down houses that hold books.
Soon, there will be no more books left in the world to cause hurt feelings. Montag, Faber, and Granger tried to change the world. At first Montag went to Faber for help. Together they made up a plan; Montag would go around planting books in firemens houses, while Faber started secretly reprinting books.
But they never got to finish this plan. Montag then later met Granger, who already had a brilliant plan with many people involved. Spread out all over the world were people who had read one book. Granger then taught them how to use photographic memory so they could remember the book word by word, forever.
This plan was great because no one would know that these people had read books because after they

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