Farewell Essay – The Boy’s Academy

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:15
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Out of these few years Iv’e been in Boys Academy, I learned several valuable life lessons. I’ve learned how to cope; I’ve learned how to show service & brotherhood. Iv’e learned that life is about choices and if I make good choices, good things will happen, and if I make bad choices, I will be faced with bad consequences; but most importantly, I learned that my colleagues are not just my friends. They’re my brothers. They’re my supporters, and as the Boy’s Academy progressed, I developed a kinship-like relationship with these young men in my class.
Through these few years, I thought I was going to be on my own in the Boy’s Academy but I realized that I had everything I needed in front of me . In these 2 ½ years in the Boys Academy, I experienced a lot of remarkable things. The education they give me here is top notch and extraordinary. I don’t know what I would of did if I did not join the Boy’s Academy team. Mr. Green tries harder than hard to keep this organization going. He spend his own pocket money on us making sure we have the best of the best. He’s a very strict Administrator but he loves and cares about us like we’re his own flesh and blood.
We may not be perfect like so many wants us to be but we’re most definitely on point. Many boy’s in the Boy’s Academy struggle here and there, but unlike other High Schools, we’re not just faces in the crowd. The Boy’s Academy is big enough for extras, but small enough for faculties and staff to recognize who we are. Mr. Green also makes sure we’re safe and tries hard as possible to make the school and school grounds a safe environment. Mr. Green knows what’s best for me and my fellow brothers. He never tells me anything wrong and he always guide me in the right path.
He continuously shares his struggles he had in high school and college with me and the rest about how he had his ups and downs. He also tells us that he does not want to see us on the street corners selling illegal drugs for a living or turn into an drug addict. He wants the best for me and everybody else. And as I leave this Academy, If I had one last thing to say, I want the 6th & 7th graders to continue to succeed because later in life, you will be rewarded. And also, please set an example for the former 5th & 4th graders who will be 6th & 5th graders in September.
The younger ones look up to you all and you would not want one of the younger students walking around with their pants low and out of uniform. If you ask me what was my experience in the Boy’s Academy, I had a phenomenal time. There’s something unique about everything we did. Our trip to Washington, D. C. Our college tours. The educational-based trips. The picnics we had. There is one thing I am going to miss about the Boy’s Academy. This Academy not only provided me with an education, but gave everything I needed and everything I wanted and one day when I am higher in life, I will like to give back.

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