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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:36
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In the year 2,300, the U. S.
went to war with Australia. Adam and Tyrone, both soldiers from the U. S. , were in an airplane bombing the Australians when a surprise attack from the Aussies caused their plane to catch fire. Both boys were equipped with parachutes and ready to jump to their safety on the groundJust jump Adam! Tyrone screamed over Adams trembling shoulders.
Tyrone was scared another bomb would hit their already flaming plane. I cant do it, Im too scared! Adam whined. We gotta jump, or else well die, the plane is on fire and our opponents are going to bomb us again! Tyrone explained. He needed to at least get himself out of the plane. If you dont want to jump, I will, Tyrone screamed, he was just about to push Adam out of the way when the planes tail caught on fire and the plane involuntarily swerved to the right, pushing both soldiers out the hatch.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAdam opened his groggy eyes to find himself lying lifeless on a giant circular fabric, it took him a while to realize that he was lying on his parachute. He lifted his hand to his head, felt the congealed blood and grimaced. His eyes were closing and he suddenly felt like he was spinning. Adam sat erect for a moment, then collapsed again. Im hungry, was Adams first thought.
He opened his eyes, surprisingly easier than he had before. His eyes were a bit blurry but focused quickly. His only vision was sand. He spun around, searching for anything colored, anything but the Fawns Leap sand. He found a green bush and smiled.
Adam couldnt believe where he was, he knew he was lost in a desert. He had read about what happened to people lost in deserts: they died. Maybe this is a dream or a mirage, he thought. He pinched his arm. Nothing.
He rubbed his eyes. Nothing. Finally, he reached out and picked up a handful of that torturous sand. The grains were so tiny, they felt like liquid and the sand ran easily through his fingers.
After Adam accepted that he was in fact in a desert, he began to think back to how he got there. I was in the plane, and I didnt want to jump out, Adam thought, trying to remember his experience. I was with-TYRONE, he thought with a gasp. He chuckled, as he thought about his best friend. He had to find Tyrone.
But how am I EVER going to find something as small as Tyrone in something as giant as this desert. Adam was scared, alone, and he wanted his best friend. Ill find him, he thought, even if it takes forever. Finding Tyrone, however, didnt take forever, only a few minutes. Adam staggered up a sandy hill and stood on top of it. He turned around and saw Tyrone on the ground lying on his stomach.
He must not be conscious yet, Adam said, biting his lip worriedly. But even so, Adam rushed to his friend and turned him over on his back to try and shake him awake. Tyrones white face wrote the script to Adams worst nightmare. Frantically, Adam shook Tyrone, screamed his name, and cautiously felt his pulse. Nothing. Tears started streaming down Adams face and he wailed like a baby.
Now, Adam was lost in a desert, hungry, alone, and depressed. 2 hours later, Adam tried to pry himself of his best friends limp dead body. Adam felt he couldnt go on anymore but knew that he wouldnt let his friends death create his. He got to his feet, looked up and saw nothing. Someones trying to teach me a lesson about nothing, he thought.
Adam looked up again and thought about how he would live all alone in the desert. The first thing he thought about was food. He needed food. Looking around, Adams sharp eyes caught a worm slithering on the ground. He thought back to the old Disney movie The Hatchet.
Nobody loves me so Im gonna go eat some worms, he remembered the tune from the movie and thought of how happy the boy was when he ate the worms he found in the forest. Adam picked up the wiggling worm,

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