Federalism And The Civil War Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:05
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John C. Calhoun was a man of very high stature and intelligence. His ideas and thoughts were expressed very sternly and backed up with concrete evidence. Of course not everyone agreed with Calhouns thoughts and procedures. The man knew himself and his ideas would somehow make a difference in the way that Canada and the United States would grow and be governed. At the time in which John was voicing his opinions many different issues were in the hot seat.
A major concern was the slavery in 1838. The public was in an outcry over the touchy issue. John, of course, did not hesitate to voice his true thoughts. Other concerns such as the concurrent majority and the rights of the States were among many of Johns concerns.
To truly understand the opinions of this man we must first of all look at the reasons for his positions. Slavery was without a dought the biggest issue in the 1830s. There were many, many attempts to stop the use of slaves among our society. To the majority of the population that this was a positive movement and a step in the right direction.
To Mr. Calhoun this was not the case. He can be quoted as saying: Many in the South once believed that slavery was a moral and political evil. That folly and delusion are gone. We see it now in its true light, and regard it as the most safe and stable basis for free institutions in the world. This idea is very complex and needs to be evaluated carefully.
In a different light John has a very good point. No one liked the idea of slavery. It seems morally inadequate and wrong. John believed that it set a pathway for free institution. Resulting form slavery he believes that society learned the basic skills for free institution.
In actuality he did not necessarily believe that slavery was a good thing. John simply believed that it brought about a better awareness for our population and it’s leaders to grow upon. As the days on the calendar went by the issues of the world started to change. In 1850 many people were on the topic of congruent majority government.
The idea was to replace mob dictatorship or numerical majority. Calhoun was opposed to both mob dictatorship and numerical majority. He felt that both of these forms of government did not represent the people properly. Such a government, instead of being a true and perfect model of the peoples government, that is, a people self-governed, is but the government of a part, over a part, –the major over the minor. This leads directly into the strong positive energy towards a congruent majority government. John believed that a congruent government was the indispensable element of forming a well-run constitutional government.
He felt that it would create a balance of power among the people. The main and most important idea that came along with this level of government was the idea of compromise instead of force. This would become the conservative principal. Calhoun was one hundred and fifty percent behind this idea. He felt that it would help the people of the minority. This mean of government would allow for the minority to be heard.
Also occurring in the 1950s was a discourse on the constitution and government of the United States. Calhoun felt very immovably that the States did not receive their suitable rights. He felt that the Constitution was merely concerned about their own prosperity and well being. We the people of the United States of America, mean the people of the several States of the Union, acting as free, independent, and sovereign States. Within many of Johns strong ideas he expresses that not at any time did the States give the slightest authority to its delegates to form a national government. This sums up his opinions in a nutshell.
The States were not being heard. Their wants, needs, and concerns were being pushed aside. The States deserved better treatment than that and Calhoun wanted to make that known. As we all can see there were many records of concern among the coming of our nation. John C.
Calhoun had numerous opinions about .

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