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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:07
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Lodging inside the Walt Disney World complex, Celebration City (owned by Disney) and Lake Buena Vista (which is a small resort community right next to Disney World) The Disney World complex and Lake Buena Vista are located along Interstate 4 (I-4) about 25 miles west of Orlando International Airport and about 20 miles southwest of downtown Orlando, Florida. Lodging near the Convention Center and Sea World This is the larger of two convention centers in Orlando. Both the convention center and Sea World are located along International Drive.
Sea World is about halfway between downtown Orlando and Disney World, and about 12 miles west of Orlando International Airport. The Walt Disney Dolphin is a deluxe hotel, located between Disney MGM Studios and Epcot area. Inspired by world famous surroundings, this resort is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A 5-story dolphin statue rests atop the building, colorful patterns of waves and banana leaves splash the facade, magnificent palms sway along the lakeside walkways- it’s a view that only your imagination can top. At this Whimsical resort, guests will enjoy the magic inside, as you experience the entertainment architecture outside, where guests are surrounded by the magic of Walt Disney World.
The hotel features 17 restaurants and lounges, for your ultimate dining pleasure. For the guests’ entertainment there are 4 lighted tennis courts, 4 swimming pools, watercraft rentals, jogging trails, two health clubs, massage services, volleyball, 3 acre grotto pool and beach, supervised children’s activities, saunas, whirlpools, 36 holes of miniature golf and aerobics. The multi-lingual staff is friendly and well trained, catering to your every need. The hotel is like a child’s fantasy come to life, and only minutes to fine dining, shopping, and entertainment.Area AttractionsThe hotel is located just minutes to Walt Disney World, Disney-MGM Studios, EpcotCenter, Disney Magic Kingdom, House of Blues, Planet Hollywood, LEGOImagination Center, Cirque de Soleil, Virgin Megastore, Pleasure Island, World ofDisney Store and Rainforest Cafe.Area Activities- Beach- Golf- Tennis-Volleyball

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