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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:27
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As decades pass, Florida’s population continues to grow and change rapidly. Being from both Dominican and Puerto Rican decent, the difficulties Latin Americans encounter become obvious. Trying to make a comfortable living in any Hispanic country is not an easy task. Many Spanish families, for that reason, decide to move to the United States for a better standard of living.
And many of these individuals have been able to achieve their goals in life considering their minority roles in our country. Since Florida is the first peninsula most travelers come across when arriving into the U. S. , the individuals find themselves to stay.
South and Central Florida have especially been common areas for Latin families. Therefore, having so many successful Hispanics around, can be very inspiring to a person. Our nation does become affected due to having so many Latin Americans in our communities. The Latinos do not bring anything negative from their heritage, instead, they add much diversity into our country. The rise of the Hispanic population has been so steep, that the Government became involved.
In order to accommodate all of the Spanish citizens with their daily needs that they are adapted to from their native land, there has been Latin grocery stores built throughout the whole state. Another way the diverse Latin American culture has influenced many individuals, including myself, is with their food. If an American would visit any Hispanic country, it will become difficult for that person to adapt to Spanish meals. The same would apply for the Latinos when they have to change their style of eating after coming to America. As a result, the Hispanics have brought nutrients over from their native lands. Being respectful citizens, we have learned to accept the new delights.
There has been many restaurants built emphasizing the Spanish culture. Many Latin American chefs have earned much respect for themselves while sharing their art in cooking. For example, Chef Douglas Rodriguez is a well known Cuban cook from Miami that has made an incredible name for himself with his Cuban/American cuisine. Music plays a huge role in the Latin American culture.
Many of the Latinos who live in the United States still listen to their native rhythms, such as merengue, salsa and bachata. Hispanic musicians are very talented beings, and a few of them are successful when trying to cross over to the American “pop” culture. Gloria Estefan, the Cuban singer from Miami, started her career releasing Spanish albums. When she attempted to release her first English single, the country quickly realized that Estefan was going to become America’s leading Latin recording artist. Gloria Estefan has proven to herself and others that one being from a different ethnicity can still obtain a superior profession in the United States.
Florida has receive so much Hispanic culture, that the state could be mistaken for another Latin American country. While the population continues to increase with more Spanish individuals, the American citizens will be able to acquire a better perspective into Hispanic heritage. Rodriguez and Estefan have demonstrated to always strive for one’s goals no matter the cultural background he/she portrays.

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