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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:01
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Genocide Essay is a reality that no one can ever conquer or vanish if they are working alone or do not look at the consequences upon taking choices of action.
We as Americans feel it is our duty to only take a course of action if we know and are fully aware of the actions being made against the people, or if we are being affected directly. If it does not affect us and we do not know about it then obviously we cannot do anything about it. We feel that if we know what is going on and it is not directly affecting us then we will tell them to stop what they are doing and give them a “false” threat to hopefully scare them into stopping whatever they are doing. We also feel that if we are not being directly attacked and we know what is going on we will wait for surrounding UN countries to take action before sending our troops into something we are not excited about getting into. If the UN troops fail, we will jump in and try our best to stop whatever is going on.
However, if they succeed then we will not intervene with the process of any clean up of the genocide or after activities. Our first priority on our country today is the citizens living inside of it. We have millions of troops in our army, marines, navy, and air force that would be going over and risking their lives for something we aren’t apart of. If the other countries can handle it then why should we be involved? We also need to respect the ideas of state sovereignty.
If the leaders of that country do not want anyone getting involved and the majority of the surrounding countries do not think they should get involved then we will not get involved either. Our policy also is morally correct because since we knew what was going on and we told them to stop then we wouldn’t be pinned with saying we didn’t do anything to try and stop it. The impact this would have on American lives is semi-important because even though it isn’t affecting our economy or army by telling them to stop, the fact that we aren’t doing nothing is not resting on our guilty conscience. Our policy also states that if the genocide is able to be prevented then a convention will be drawn up and it will last. In the past we have had genocidal conventions that lasted maybe 20 years and then fell apart because we did not do anything to stop what was happening. However, if we drew up a genocidal convention, we would put forth actions to make it stay.
The UN would grow stronger and the surrounding nations would be more aware of what is happening around or near them. There would be no need for the US, however, to send troops over to be a watch out for what would happen because the surrounding countries should have control over that. The US would contribute to the convention by assuring the people who were attacked in the past genocidal activities would not be attacked again. As you can see our policy is a way we can be involved without really being involved. It does not hurt our American people, but it affects the genocide enough to where other countries take action or we scare the militation leaders of the genocide into stopping what they are doing. This is my option number five and I hope you take it into consideration.

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