Genocide in East Timor Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:59
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This is a report about genocide. Genocide is the deliberate assassination of entire peoples. There are many different types of genocide. There are also many different times and places at which it has occurred.
The one that this report is on is East Timor. East Timor people had a unique and different belief than most people. Like Native Americans, they believed that everything that walks, flies, swims, and crawls is a person. In their religion, everything is a living thing and at one time, all things spoke.
Even the ground cried out when people trod upon it and the trees and grasses screamed when they were cut. The country that was invading East Timor was the Indonesians. The reason was simply because they just did not like their ways. They no longer permitted the rituals of East Timor people. So they began the assassination of them. The United States of America couldnt do shit to stop them.
Canada plays a major role in the abuse of the right of the Timorese to an independent nation. Canada was the supplier of weapons to Indonesia for wars. In the period between 1987-1991, Canadian aid to the Indonesians was estimated to reach $450 million dollars. This invasion took place in 1975. The death toll was about 250,OOO. 100,000 of them were starved (40%).
That is about two out of every five people. A similar event is taking place in Iraq today. History always repeats itself. Something like this is probably going to happen again in the near future.

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