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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:39
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Haven, Connecticut in 1800. Charles wasthe oldest child in his family and hadfour brothers and a sister. He marriedClarissa Beecher in 1824. The y had 6children, Ellen ,Cynthia, Sarah, a un-named child, Charles Jr. ,and William . son William died at 3 Yr.
Most of his lifewith his first wife and children were inpoverty . He remarried after the death ofhis first wife to Fanny Wardeell ofLondon England. Charles died on July 1, 1860 himself a poor man ,the way heCharles had an average education . Hewent to high school but not college.
Hedid do an apprenticeship in New York ina hardware store. Charles was veryinfluenced in his early childhood by hisfathers interest in inventing things. Hisfather experimented with new types ofpitchforks, etc. Charles did not haveIn 1821, he worked with his fatherin a hardware business. This business failed in 1830 The y tried to expand toquickly causing them to go bankrupt. rubber and inventing new things.
Indiarubber was not used in industry becauseof the adhesives of the surface. It was toosticky when hot and too brittle whencold. Goodyear spent most of his life inlimited usefulness to industry. Rubberproducts melted in hot weather, frozeand cracked in cold, and adhered to everything.
One day, one of Good yearsearly experiments was that he discoveredworkable. But his big breakthrough wasrubber mixed with sulfur on a hot stove. Goodyears discovery of what came to berubber so it could be applied . Goodyearachieved very little recognition fo rbefore he died.
He had a few companiesusing his process and was earning somemoney . He was satisfied knowing thatcome true. Today the Goodyear Medalvulcanization process, and is awarded to honor individuals for outstandingon today is the use of rubber for a widerange of products including tires . Rubber is also used for other things such as . .
. . . . . .
mouse balls and for the littlebuttons on TVclickers. (thank good nessfor rubber) Without rubber we wouldstill be wearing leather(ect. ) soled patented vulcanization strengthenedrubberso it could be used for a varietyof industrial uses, including automobiletires eventually. Rubber also helpedmake one of my favorites, snowmobiletracks so I can go snowmobileing withmy dad at our camp in Vermont.
I dontknow what I would do without rubber. Rubber changed ways of transportationmany occasions because he had overduedebts that he could not pay. CharlesGoodyear didnt invent the tire yet hehas one of the biggest tire companies inGood year had other inventions besidesvulcanization he also invented alongwith his father improved pitchforks.Bibliography:

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