Goow Will Hunting vs Holden Caulfield Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:54
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Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye will have a better chance throughout life than Will Hunting from Good Will Hunting because of several reasons. First, Holden has birth parents who still care about him and help comfort him when he needs help. Another reason is how Will has grown up already with an adult brain and is set in his ways.
Holden, on the other hand, is still growing up and might change his attitude on life. Another reason is how both characters received mental help in one way or another and the products of the help resulted in different results. For example, Holden lost his depression and self-conciousness from the help he received as no viable proof was given that stated otherwise. On the counterpoint, Will admired the psychologist because the psychologist had faith in who he was, or he simply didn’t learn anything about who he is and what talents he possesses.
Just the environment both authors gives me says that Holden still has a chance to change, while Will has an opportunity to change, but refuses to. The Catcher in the Rye and Good Will Hunting are two stories that have compelling story lines as well as main characters. The characters do have numerous similarities. One of these include intelligence and understanding in their own subjects (Holden excelled in English in his school and Will excelled in advanced mathematics naturally).
Holden and Will both were depressed about life and try to keep personal problems away from the people they love. They both would appreciate deep relationships between himself and a girl. Both try to give the impression to other characters that they are tough and can handle heavy loads of stress. They also live close or inside heavily populated towns loaded with people with bad attitudes (Boston and New York). The list goes on and on as far as these misleading similarities go.
The similarities are misleading because they can disguise the fact that their are differences. Some of the differences include age, time period, personalities (in general), everyday worries and stress sources, self confidence and even their approaches to life. Holden Caufield will have a better chance in life than Will Hunting to what I have found to be true, although I could be wrong. Some could say that Will was helped because he did what he truly wanted to do, which was pursue the girl of his dreams knowing that he can land a good job almost anywhere where his talents are needed. Or even how Will finally got all his angst about his foster parents out when he cried to his psychologist.
But this evidence doesn’t at all add up to the amount of evidence supporting Holden’s succession over Will, or did I miss something?Bibliography:

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