Graduation Speech For A Middle School Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:24
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1. To enrich my school experience I have been taking college classes galore. By the end of this year I will have about 20 college credits. Taking college classes has been challenging. Balancing extra work on top of my school schedule has at times has been challenging.
However I have been preparing myself for college level work. This should ease the transition from high school to college. Also I get free credits. This is something that I suggest every one pursue. I work for a middle school doing workshops with their students on Fridays. I tech robotics.
It is fun and I love seeing the light bulb moments2. My community is indeed extreamly important to me. It hurts my heart when I find problems that I can’t solve for it. I do my best. I helped kick off the NUCLEAR 4-H club I was the first president. We sponsor various FIST teams in the county, as well as host, expose workshops and other outreach activities to help get the community involved in STEM.
This year I helped coach a robotics team and was on an all-girls team. through 4-H, I have participated in road clean ups, Christmas baskets for the elderly, caroling, and more worthwhile fundraisers then I can count. on top of that, I participate in Bodylines dance performances. every performance is a canned food drive. Another thing I have done is QPR. This is a suicide prevention training.
My school has absolutely nothing set up to help people who are depressed or contemplating suicide. Recently we lost a graduated senior to suicide. His mother who works at the school has joined our cause as we try to convince the school to incorporate suicide prevention into our education. 3. I love traveling. This past summer I went to 7 different countries.
I was ecstatic about the chance . . out or ignored. I had an idea on how to fix the program that they were puzzling over and I got yelled at and told that I was not allowed to touch the robot or computer. The next year I jump-started an all-girls team. I have electrified my prom dress, taught classes, coached teams, and am going to go to school to get a degree in computer engineering with an emphasis in robotics.
This fascination has grown to be a passion of mine. If I had given in to the pressures of society I would have never learned that I enjoy building, programming, and designing robots. I don’t think anyone else should have to fight half this hard for something with as much potential as STEM. If I had let the stereotypical role of women discourage me, I would have never figured out what I wanted to do with my life. there is so much untapped potential hidden in the minds of the world’s women. 287

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