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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:43
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hello I really like your site because i xan dins just about any papwe thqrt i nwws on here soeey about my typing. Ihave a broken finger and it is vweru hard fro me to tupe. i go to school that is called lazer. anmd it is a very good school.
it is an alternative school. sorry i am typinf about stupid stuff but i can’t get around not typing a paper and i have even donated a paper to this place once but thart isa ok . the more papers in here the better. Iam 16 years old i live with my mother an little five yeatr old sister i hav a brother and two other sisters that live with my dad.
my grandmother is the mayor of Kalispell Montana which is where I live. This is a nice little town and I like it. I have a really good bvoyfriend. He has a daughter which is not my daughter thank gopd. but his daughter mother never takes care of her my boyfreind always has her ans i see her more trhan her mother does but that is life i guess.
I don’t know of anything else to write to get my 250 words. so i will just type i guess. you are cool i am cool ewvery one is cool. this site is cool my probation officer sucks.
is this 250 yetWords/ Pages : 250 / 24

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i want to copy...

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