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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:19
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>>>>>>>>>>>>Some Parts are made upPaintball is quite a new sport and is becoming more and more popular. It has been around since 1982, but professional paintball teams have just recently come together in 2002.
The rules of paintball are not very complicated and are very concise. The game is very entertaining to play. There are also plenty of different types of products used to play the game. It is the one of the only sports that I am interested in and I hope that someday it could become a more popular sport. The first known paintball gun or “marker” was made by John Barker in 1982. At the time he had a job designing air guns for Daisy Inc.
The gun that he made was a single shot pump gun; he called it the “splatmatic”. Daisy did not want to market his gun so he started a small company with some of his friends and called it Splat Markers. The company was soon a success and in 1986 he changed the name to JT Products. Now JT Products is one of the largest paintball companies in the world, producing practically everything needed and used in the game of paintball.
They have also made the NPA (National Paintball Association). This was created in 2002 and has many different teams that are sponsored by a variety of companies. Paintball has come a long way since the creation of the splatmatic and is now a very popular and sport. Paintball is not just a group of people shooting each other with paintball markers; the sport involves a few simple rules. These rules are from the NPA and are the most commonly used. All paintballs that break on the body count as an elimination and that player is out.
Any player within ten feet has the option of surrender and has 3 seconds to do so, any movement from that player and his “chance” is over. All markers must be chronographed at fewer than 300 fps. A hit from a teammate does not count as an elimination. The paintball must pop on a player to count as an elimination.
Any player hit with a ball must call out “HIT” and raise his or her gun in the air and walk off of the playing field. All players must stay in the designated boundaries or they will be counted as out. Barrel plugs must be used at all times when not on the playing field. Physical contact is not allowed.
Field approved masks must be used at all times and must not be taken off during game play. Placing your gun around an obstacle without being able to see what you are shooting at is not allowed and will lead to disqualification. The rules of paintball are quite simple and most are for safety purposes. The paintball marker has come a long way since the single shot pump Splatmatic. Now some paintball markers can shoot more than ten paintballs per second. Most paintball markers are run on either Co2 or HPA (compresses air).
The main paintball marker manufacturers are Kingmann, Tippmann Paintball Products, Angel Autocockers, Smart Parts, and JT USA. Main Paintball manufacturers are JT USA, RP Schroerer, Zap Paintballs, and Nitro Duck Products. There are many different upgrades available for markers including barrels, expansion chambers, electric trigger frames, and lightweight bolts. These products come in a variety of colors costs and sizes. There are also many more companies that sell paintball products.
This sport has evolved so much from its primary days and is becoming ever more popular, I can only hope that the game will not change and that more people will become interested in playing. Maybe one day I might see you out on the field.

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