How Has Performing Arts Affected Our Lives Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:20
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Patience is one of the things that strongly believe that we artists need, so that we Veil be able to teach others and encourage our fellow musicians to strive hard though they might have started off slow. Based on my experience, I started off being the slowest and the last few to be promoted into the main band. After having excelled and worked hard to become a section leader to conduct my members, whenever I encounter new junior members Who were slower, patience does not just help me but help my fellow juniors boost their confidence also as a musician.
Discipline is a form Of focus, and tolerance as a musicians we need the spieling to excel in our composition and pieces that we played so that we are able to produce quality and pr©cited work. I also strongly feel that discipline is something which is required in all our daily lives, without discipline the outcome of our results would show how inconsistent and unprofessional at what we do. In my secondary school days given the role as a drum major was required to discipline a band of 70 members.
With the lack tot discipline, everything would be disorganized. Therefore, there is a need of correction in the way they think and learn to follow instructions that are given to them and understand why all Hess rules are being implemented. Thus, it also ties in with commitment and accountability in the process of taking ownership in their work. Widening our perspectives allows a change of view in all situations and analyzes it before reacting towards it.
Personally, performing arts changed my views in terms of the music genres and range of instruments that i worked around with it thus, applied to all our lives as well. Appreciations, towards the different form of art or music that is created by other artists and with respect The importance of appreciations alls down not only to the different varieties we have in the performing arts but also leading LIST to treasure and cherish our lives as well. Tryingly feel that living in Singapore is a great blessing and it is a privilege as everything is just placed right in front Of you, but we usually tend to take things for granted and not knowing how did all these things even came about it the first place. As an artist, Performer and musician, we should always be thankful and show our gratitude to our mentors, leaders and lecturers that has impacted us in different areas of our journey with them. It is because these are people who gave us a once in a life time experience that no one gets to experience and encounter with.
Emotions, arouses us artistically and musically that is able to move us externally but internally as well. What makes emotion so affective and powerful is how you are able to channel your feelings through an instrument allowing the audience to be able to experience a whole new atmosphere, allowing your music to tell a story. In my experience personal emotions should always be put aside during rehearsals and during activities as it Will indirectly affect the atmosphere and our fellow peers around you.
In conclusion, all the life values that have named has in fact greatly impacted me, performing arts has indeed made my life a greater journey and led me to where am today. Without the encounter and exposure to performing arts, life would have been living in a box and missing out on the world. Performing arts is a form of connection to the world that inters links everyone together and widens the form of communication, the affects to leading me into a whole new perception, Therefore Performing arts made a difference in my life.

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