How to Reduce Sexual Harassment Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:04
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Petrie Manuel3/7/99 We Need to Take ActionSexual harassment had become a topic of concern in large organizations like businesses, hospitals, schools, and the military.
These organizations have seen an increase in sexual harassment cases and are now spending time and money searching for ways to reduce the problem. We need to establish an efficient policy for investigating and resolving the complaints. We also need to communicate well with each other in order to identify sexual harassment taking place and understanding it as well. A revival of feminism can reduce sexual harassment.
An alternative to means of effective communication, socialism can reduce sexual harassment. “Business stands on the front line in the battle against harassment, pushed there by judicial decisions in the 1980s that hold employers financially liable for workers’ transgressions unless the company actively strives to prevent offenses and responds effectively when they occur (Sexual Harassment, Deutschman, page 92). ” As a result, corporations are getting tough about the subject. They hold seminars for employees, establish 24-hour hotlines and provide security for victims, and initiate and establish inquiries. Companies should create and publicize a forceful policy against sexual harassment.
Companies must act before a problem occurs. The EEOC encourages employers to “take all steps necessary to prevent sexual harassment from occurring, such as affirmatively raising the subject, expressing strong disapproval, developing appropriate sanctions, informing employees of their right to raise, and how to raise, the issue of harassment under Title VII, and developing methods to sensitize all concerned. (www. uakron.
edu/lawrev/robert1. html). ” First, companies need a comprehensive, detailed written policy on sexual harassment. The CEO should issue the policy and make it a high priority of the company.
Second, they need to distribute this policy to all workers, supervisors, and even some non-employees. According to uakron. com, a basic policy should set forth the following: an express commitment to eradicate and prevent sexual harassment; a definition of sexual harassment including both quid pro quo and hostile work environment; an explanation of penalties (including termination) the employer will impose for substantiated sexual harassment conduct; a detailed outline of the grievance procedure employees should use; additional resource or contact persons available for consultation; an express commitment to keep all sexual harassment complaints and personnel actions confidential. Following this policy will bring about a deep understanding of sexual harassment and the penalties and procedures for committing sexual harassment. To ensure effective communication of the policy, all employees should take customized training on sexual harassment awareness.
Giving out handbooks or putting up posters at work could make sexual harassment noticeable and increase reported cases. Teaching the employees about how bad sexual harassment is and using role-playing or other techniques to rehearse to counter it would reduce sexual harassment as well. Education is a good means of communication in reducing sexual harassment. It is a good place to start with children in grade school.
This is where children would be taught the basics of sexual harassment and would teach them between what is right and wrong. Watching videos and documentaries would give a better understanding since young children learn better with visuals. The students should ask many questions about sexual harassment in order to understand it when they get older. As the children mature and become older, the topic of sexual harassment will get more into depth. Education on harassment should not just be taught in school but at companies, church, and the community.
The simplest and most effective way to end harassment in most instances is to ask or tell the person to stop. They could also tell other colleagues or threaten to tell on them, which will scare the offender as well. Doing this will let the offender be aware that he/she is doing something wrong and should stop. If the offender doesn’t understand what he/she is doing wrong, then both the victim and the perpetrator could talk it out.
The victim will then be able to tell how he/she feels, and maybe the perpetrator will understand and stop. Pretending to ignore the offensive behavior would make the sexual harassment not stop. The victim will just always have those bad emotions inside bottled up and these could be harmful. The offender would take advantage of the situation or .

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