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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:03
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Human , the most superior and the highest value of the world. Its a creature who has already known its value and also its a creature which is trying to increase that value. So , What are the social necessity to help us to define it and necessity to make human be a human.
That is of course RIGHTS. Rights , give the talent of be an individual to people . After that , when a person be an individual , it is the time of improving she or her self and thinking about the future. We can collect the rights in three frame.
These are Political , Economic and Social Rights. Naturally, To make these rights a legal institution and prevent to be a desire only . We need a Human Rights Essay protection system. If so , What are the right and rights entirely and How is a protection system will be ? We define the right as an entitlement to act or be treated in a particular way (1). In todays world , rights are belong to two legal system. The first one is in The USAs Bill Of Rights system (2).
According to that system , The rights decelerated by a written text or constitution. Because of that , citizens are sure about what can they do. That method is called The pozitive rights system. However the other system was built up on prohibitions not the rights.
We will give the UK for an example to that system. In that legal system , there are no written constitution or bill of rights but also there are prohibitions . That means , Citizens of the State can understand what they can do from the what can they do not . Also this system is called Negative Rights Method. Now , I can named the rights one by one and can define them by help of these previous basic knowledge.
Politic rights are not stated by the government and people had died for these rights in many times. When we are going to define the politic rights , we depend on the Bill of Rights System (written and constitutional ) . In any case , that system is the most popular one in the world . Besides that , It is accepted by the whole continental Europe .
Political rights firstly have applied in the middle of 1700th years and It was shaped by the American Human Rights Declaration. According that , citizens who has some special features* can vote and elected (suffrage). That means , citizens could govern themselves and they could use their soveirgnty by their representatives. By the developments which had been in the middle of the 1800th years , suffrage right was broaded . After that time , Women who were left in one side of life achieved those rights . In today , There are only rational limits like citizenship of the country , being an adult person and having the act licence(3).
The other important political right is the right of founding political parties. That right is the core value of a pluralist community. The right of founding political parties gives people freedom of acting in their ideological choice and gives them to make an union. So , when a group of people can make a political unity they have an entitlement of joining the elections and if they win governing the country with their political ideologie.Bibliography: .

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