Ibsen: Do you feel sorry for Hedda? Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:14
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English 2080 Tuesday and ThursdayThis week we read a story by Henrik Ibsen called Hedda Gabler. I did not feel sorry for the charter named Hedda.
I feel as if she was very concede, and self-centered. It seemed as if she was also guy crazy. This may have been because she was not truly in love with her husband, George Tesman. She seemed to be the happiest when she was making other people feel bad. For instances she began to talk to Mrs.
Elvsted very nicely, but quickly turned into a very nosey person half way into the conversation. She seems likes a person who will go to any length to make her happy. I liked the much-unexpected ending in this story. It also pointed out that Hedda would do anything to get what she wanted. She wanted to leave her husband and be with Eilbert Loevborg. In act five, she learns that Loevborg has lost his manuscript and does not know what to do.
She says, Wait. I want to give you a souvenir to take with you. She goes over to the writing table, opens the drawer and the gives him the pistol. The reader finds out the Loevborg kills himself.
Hedda later kills herself. Was this her way of getting what she wanted. This is just a few reasons why I don not feel sorry for her. She had many chances to change her life. However, she just decided to end it.

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