Illegal Immigrants Have Migrated Into Theu.s For Many Years

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:00
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Immigrants, do we need them?Illegal immigrants have migrated into the U. S for many years. How does their visit affect our stay? Illegal immigrants take much of the impact with the U. S military funding, the government ‘s economy, and also there are impacts with the laws, bills, or acts occurring.
Everyone is affected in some ways by illegal immigrants. Not to add that The nation also always has an impact on all the immigrants making them come up with these illogical decisions, that are only hurting the communities rather than helping. An illegal immigrant is “a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country ‘s authorization (dictionary. com) These “Illegal immigrants” took and impact to the U.
S economy. “The nation ‘s leading immigration economist estimates that the presence of immigrant workers (legal and illegal) in the labor market makes the U. S. economy (GDP) an estimated 11 percent larger ($1. 6 trillion) each year” (George Borjas). This would demonstrate how not only do the immigrants who come here illegally affect the nation’s economy but also those who come in legally Also from this there could be an understanding that there could be a yearning for illegal and legal immigrants in the United States, but there is still more to learn about their impact.
In this case we see that the impact taken is positive, but it is not always the case some of the people or better known by as immigrants to the nation ‘s community,have impacted the economy negatively. “So mainly, jobs now like in the construction, janitorial, maintenance, waste management and other so-called “lower-end jobs” and “dirty jobs” are being handed over preferably to undocumented immigrants on low salary rate”(Negative effects of). This is exponential as the money that is being taken from company’s who do this end up gaining more for themselves rather than that of the money going into the taxes and into our communities giving less to those foundations or facilities in which need it such as schools. Also some then tend to report their worker as illegal as they are arguing about their salary or working conditions. This then leads to national spending on deportation, as “It shows that the total cost of mass deportation and continuing border interdiction and interior enforcement efforts would be $285 billion over five years” (Marshall Fitz, Gebe Martinez, and Madura Wijewardena).
Killing the nation’s money instead of leaving them with in the United States where they can get a job and pay taxes bringing the money into the government. But America decides that we need to spend money on forcing them to leave rather than making money of off them. This leads to the idea of how illegal immigrants affect the cost of the military for the U. S.
The military is something that has been a bit costly for a while, the US according to a graph given by Peter G. Peterson spends an average of more than seven countries combined adding up to the total of the nation ‘s spending being 610 billion dollars (Peter G. Peterson). Foreigners have an impact in this as they come in and serve in the war for documentation, basically a citizenship and Jeanne Batalova states “Since September 2001, U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has naturalized more than 37,250 foreign-born members of the U.
S. Armed Forces and granted posthumous citizenship to 111 service members” ( Jeanne Batalova). From this there is an understanding that some of the people who are in the military do not do it for the pay but rather citizenship in the united states giving a clear understanding of decrease in the cost as some men are not being payed. This can be connected to the time in wars that some lower class immigrants were put in the war because a upper class white man did not want to fight in it so they payed the government to put someone in their place, giving more money to the government and not only that but the troops costing less because they would fight because they were forced and some would volunteer to gain their citizenship.
There are also some laws and acts being passed that change the direction in which the nations money is being spent. There were laws that were passed to aid or maybe even prevent immigrants from either coming or leaving. Deportation is one example of an act that occurs that has helped the nation remove “aliens” also know as illegal immigrants. “Deportation: deportation refers to the official removal of an alien from the United States (Immigration law: an). The nation is forcing some people to leave and that is costing them to waste money, rather than giving them jobs and making them pay taxes. “Detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants costs about $5 billion per year, or roughly $12,500 for every person shipped home(Keegan Hamilton).
This is an average of “400000”(calculator) people per year. “For example, a worker earning $40,000 will pay $2,480 (6. 2%) in Social Security tax, but an executive earning $400,000 will pay $7,347 (6. 2% of $118,500), for an effective rate of just 1. 8 (Drew Desilver). ” If the United States had any thoughts and sense of logic they would see that If those “aliens” being deported make an average of 40,000 dollars, now the tax would be 7,347 dollars annually, now multiply that by the number of people being deported, that ‘s 2938800000 dollars more annually for the nation’s government, but instead they decide to spend 5 billion on deportation.
It’s fascinating to see how history keeps repeating itself. Deportation is just an extended form of the chinese exclusion act or also the Japanese internment. In the Japanese internment act there was the removal of the Japanese into the camps, it happened after pearl harbor and that cost the US and average of “It acknowledges that the incarceration of more than 110,000 individuals of Japanese descent was unjust, and offers an apology and reparation payments of $20,000 to each person incarcerated” (mtholyoke. edu).
This was only on the reparations, so it was only part of the cost which was around 2200000000 dollars on the apologizing, this was only half of the cost because they still had to pay for those camps and troops to guard them. This had an effect in the nation as it now influenced immigration which is basically the same except one the aliens are sent back to their land of origin and two the process of deportation is just a extended version of the Japanese internment act. This could all reflect back to the debt of the U. SThere is a clear understanding of United States having a lot of debt. What is debt? Well, Debt is “something, typically money, that is owed or due(dictionary. com)”.
The United states is in a lot of debt because of military cost, and it could also relate to all of the money spent on deportation, the Chinese exclusion act, Japanese internment, the money they lose by not giving the aliens jobs and making them pay taxes. “At the end of FY 2015 the total government debt in the United States, including federal, state, and local, is expected to be $21. 694 trillion (Christopher Chantrill)”. The US has spent much money on a lot of things and now they are in debt so it shows how a bit of the immigration money being spent has impacted a lot. It shows how even to this day the nation is a lot in debt, because of the fact that there is a lot of money being spent.
Now the US having debt makes it so, “America relies on foreign investment to fund more than 50 percent of its debt, and while most experts agree that those investors will continue to buy U. S. Treasury bonds, they are unlikely do so on such generous terms (Meg Handly)”. Currently, the nation is not helping itself as it is spending its money on deporting aliens, rather than letting them stay at a cost, of course, and not only that but then they would get a job and the register for their citizenship, and then they would have to pay taxes and that is giving the money to the government, and not only that but they would lower the rate of crime as they would not do anything to have them go against the law because they would want to keep their citizenship. There is a executive order called DACA that helps with the immigration, not only that but it has helped give money to the government as there is a fee of around 500 dollars every 2 years for a new application as it does expire.
DACA has run the US a couple of good deeds, according to Two years and growing And growing Power of DACA there has been an increase in the work rate for the US economy and giving illegal immigrants more jobs and estimate of 59 percent , giving them finally a part in paying taxes (Two years and). There is also a 45 percent increase in job earnings (1). This helps with the topic of companies paying their illegal workers less and them gaining more money as they would not pay the taxes they should be with all the workers. Now that they know about them being there there is a gradually increas in the taxes being paid and helping the money go to the government and back into our communities. The nation has finally been changing the laws of immigration to help the aliens not only does it help them but it helps the economy and government as well.
In conclusion, there have been many changes in the immigration subject, whether it is for the better of for the worst of things. There is a lot of impact that is occured, there are various examples of this refered to, like the Japanese internment act, Chinese exclusion act, Military funds, and deportation. These are some of all actions that have impacted the US in various ways, especially with money and how it is a thing that the nation now struggles with and seems to be in a lot of debt for all because they could let them stay here of let them come here freeing. Works CitedBatalova, Jeanne. “Immigrants in the U.
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05 June 2015.

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