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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:10
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Once you have the topic under control, now is the time to use the powers of your intelligence and “image” the topic.
We’ve discussed “imaging” already. You must be able to see your topic in your mind–you must conceive before you can execute. What does the topic look like? Does it interest you? Will it interest anyone else? Can you see certain sections of the essay? Do you have a mental image? This is important. To get you started quicker, ask yourself what it is that you are most intent on finding out about the subject. In other words, you have already selected a general topic. Now is the time to narrow it down to something more specific (that is, something which better meets the confines of the research essay).
Will you be describing something? analyzing? comparing? criticizing? Have you decided to investigate a large block of historical time? or just a small episode embodied within it? Ask yourself as many questions as you can. Write them down if that helps. Conceptualize the topic as much as possible and the execution of the essay will be that much easier. Bibliography:attched

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