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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:22
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Look at the world. Its a complex biosphere with many creatures and organismswhich we haven’t even discovered yet. This world and its life forms are so complex wehaven’t even come close to solving all its mysteries. All that we humans can do is offersuggestions and theories, but nothing concrete.
In this equation we can’t even answer themost important question. How was the Earth formed? We offer theories but in the endthey are nothing more than theories. Suggestion to a reason which we can’t understand. Why are we here? What is our purpose? If man is looking for a purpose, then is he sayingthat there is a reason he is here? What good would a purpose be if you have no reason for having it? What is your motive? Who are we trying to impress? I guess you can say theEarth is here because we just got lucky. In the right place at the right time. There is noreason for it, it just happened.
On the other side of the coin is the possibility that someoneor something is behind this, an intelligent designer. In the “Design Theist’s Argument”, discussion we touched on two premises. Letstalk about “Premise Number One”. This premise is that the world is like a machine. Amachine consist of parts, which work together. This is how we usually can tell somethingis a machine.
The world is broken into parts then. What are these parts? To Believe thispremise you must believe the parts exist and be able to tell that they’re there. Can wedepicted different parts? Is the ocean a part? Is the air a part? What about the soil? Letssee, if these thing are a part of the whole machine, being the Earth, then if we take oneaway the machine will not work properly. If we took away the air would it make adifference? Of course it would. Trees and animals need air to breath. Without air thingswould begin to die off, change, break down.
So by removing the air we have in a sensetaken away part of the Earth, right. By taking away that part of the Earth, the “machine” isbroken. If you look at the Earth in this sense, it is a machine by definition. Premise number two says, “Machines do not appear by chance, but are intelligentlydesigned. ” With this in mind remember we said the Earth is like a machine, so if machinedon’t appear by chance someone must have created the Earth.
Who could have done this?If we stop and think about what we have learned as kids, that the Earth was created byGod. Is that really so hard to believe? Is it easier to believe in chance? Look how well theenvironment works together. Everything depended on eachother, just like parts in amachine. Everything fits together.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the World isperfect, not even machines are perfect. They all have glitches. All I’m saying is that thingswork too well to be just by chance. Does a 747 get assembled by all the materials justbeing there? It requires designers and builder. Without these designers and builder youcould leave those materials there for billions of years and you still wouldn’t have a 747built.
So if the Earth is more complex, than a 747, then how can we say it just made itself?I consider myself to be a pretty open minded person, so I can see where peoplewho say that the world is not a machine, are coming from. You say the world isn’t like amachine. The world may not be like a machine, but try and come up with another example. A machine is a pretty good example, but I see that you could say a machine doesn’t grow. Things on the Earth, that are natural, grow. They change size and looks.
Machines can’tgain mass or grow, for they aren’t human. Some people take the phrase, the world is like amachine, too literally. They get offended because the feel like we are more complex then amachine and that humans are better than machines. I thinks if they were to take the sayingas an example or look at the similarities, then they would not be offended.
Anotherargument would be that having parts doesn’t make you a machine. Again I feel that theexample is taken too seriously and literally. People opposed of the idea of an intelligent designer have a hard time believingthat an intelligent mind would create such a sad and lonely world, full of starvation andabuse. The fact that an intelligent person would let people be abused and mistreatedmystifies them. If you were intelligent enough to created this world, you could surely leaveout all the suffering. Is it right to have twelve year olds working all day in a factory andvery little earnings? Maybe the Designer didn’t create the suffering.
The reason people aresuffering could actually be part of our own doing. If you design a machine and it breaksor ruins something because of misuse, is it then the designers fault or the user? Do youreally believe that you are a puppet and someone else controls you every move? I thinksI feel that we have cause the suffering. We are the reason twelve year olds aremaking shoes for the wealthier to buy. I also pose the question that if we notice thesuffering, and it bothers us, can we not see a purpose to help eliminate the suffering.
Ifyou already do not believe in an intelligent designer why then should you believe theproblem will fix itself. Some say, well maybe we don’t have a purpose. Why then do somany of us search for one? If we didn’t have a purpose why would we search for one?There is purpose though. Our minds need to find this purpose, so that it will be satisfiedthat it is accomplishing something. If we feel the need to find purpose then purpose mustThe world is so complex.
There are so many unanswered questions, but wequestion. Therefore the answers must be out there. All the thoughts about why things existand how they got here are so complex that someone or something must have came upwith this design we call life. If we truly thought the Earth happened by chance we wouldprobably just accept that solution, but we don’t.
Then the answers have to be out thereknown to someone or thing. An intelligent being. You can argue that there is no intelligentdesigner, but in doing so you forfeit your purpose. Life would be meaningless, but wesearch for reason therefore there is.
All I can do is question. I offer you only what I see astrue. I can not make up your mind, only allow you to have something to think about, butone day we will all know the truth. The truth is out there.

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