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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:59
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As time goes on humans come up with new inventions, which make life better for us all.
Everyday new cures for diseases are found, but at the same time new problems arise. A tool to help these problems has been technology. The latest form of technology is the Internet. The Internet is a place were business can take place or people can interact. There are millions of people using the Internet worldwide, so it is very profitable.
In a place where there is money you will find criminals. On the Internet there is an issue of privacy, even thought the issue of privacy in the Internet is hard to determine. Someone who uses the Internet can be tracked, so using the Internet is an issue on how much you treasury your privacy. Privacy on the Internet simply doesnt exist. The Internet is so large it would be virtually impossible to have 100% privacy.
It all comes down to the responsibility of the user. An Internet user should use the net in a responsible and moral way. If the Internet is going to be used for business, the user should use it for business only. A person shouldnt spend time at work on the Internet for personal purposes. A user should have nothing to hide while using the Internet, so there shouldnt be an issue of privacy. The rights of your own privacy have to be earned.Bibliography: .

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