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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:50
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Everyone knows that Abortion is a very controversial subject in the United State.
It discusses human interaction where ethics, emotions, and law come together. Everyone knows that babies die of natural causes, but others are killed before they get the chance to experience their first breath. Abortion is fast becoming a quick fix to a rather large responsibility, especially among teenage women. Having sex is a huge responsibility, and if you arent ready to handle the consequences, then having sex is not for you, and abortion is not the answer if you do get pregnant. There are three basic types of abortion, abortion from above, abortion from below, and drug induced (Abortion TV). The first type, abortion from above is generally called a hysterectomy, which is done late in the pregnancy (Abortion TV).
Many babies are still alive when they are removed from the mothers womb, and abortionists have been known to plunge them into buckets of water or smother them with the placenta, while others cut the cord while the baby is still inside to deprive in of oxygen. (Abortions From Below). There are several methods used for an abortion for below, the four most common I will describe. Menstrual extraction, which is done very early, most often before the pregnancy test even comes back positive (Abortion TV). This is just a suctioning of the fetus out of the mothers vagina.
The suction method is performed sometime in the first trimester. This baby is torn into pieces as the hose frequently jerks because the baby often becomes lodged. The, scraps are sucked into a bottle (Abortion From Below). The third method is the dilation and evacuation, which is when the abortionist use a tool like pliers to twist and pull parts of the body out as the bones have already been calcified and must be broken (Abortion TV). The final of the abortions from below is called the D & X, or partial birth. This is typically done in the advanced stages of pregnancy.
What happen is the doctor pulls the baby to where all but the head is out of the woman, then with scissors, cut the babys head open. The brain is removed and the skull collapse and the baby is delivered (Abortion From Below). The last type is drug-induced method, commonly called Candy Apple Babies. This is performed in the first trimester, using a strong salt solution. The solution is injected into the amniotic sac and the baby breathes is the poison. It takes about an hour to kill the baby and the mother delivers the dead baby a day or so after, however some do manage to survive this agonizing attempt to end their lives (Abortion TV).
At no time during any of the methods of abortion are the babies given any type of anesthetic to ease the pain. These unborn children feel it each time one their limbs are torn off or when the abortionist stabs the skin off (Abortion TV). Is this fair?Women are often led to believe that just because abortions are legal, they are safe, but in all reality, they are far from safe. Women face injuries to the uterus, cervix, urinary tract, infection, hemorrhage, heart failure, embolism, sterilizations, ruptured intestines and even death (Tribe). In the years of legal abortion in America fewer than 10 or the 1,600,000 women undergo legal abortions each year now die as a result of the procedure(Tribe). In addition, there are countless cases of abortionists sexually abusing their clients while under anesthesia (Tribe).
In 1996 alone, 1,365,700 abortions were performed (Abortion Statistics). Statistics show that there have been approximately forty million abortions since1973, which is an average of 4000 per day (Abortion Statistics). The most shocking statistic of all is the reason for these abortions. About ninety-five percent of all abortions are done just as another method of birth control, which leads back to the idea that if you cant handle the consequences and responsibilities of having sex then you shouldnt be having sex in the first place (Abortion Statistics).
Having an abortion is legal in the United States no matter how far along the mother is. Many argue that abortion is a must because of rape, incest, fetal abnormalities,

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