Is Performing Arts a Waste of Time, Money, and Resource? Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:21
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Performing arts is a waste of time, money and resource? In the 11th centuries, many people may think that performing arts is a subject that existed for the teenagers who cannot excel well in studies. Most of the people also think that this subject is only tort the teenagers that wanted to be an actress or singer, but actually this is a totally illogical mindset. However, the definitions of performing arts are actually a term that used to explain a national art that brings a message of a drama, rather than just present for its wan interest only and without any of the moral values.
Furthermore, performing art is usually means that a performance that are presented to audiences, but it does not representing a canonical theatrical play which does not refers to describe a group of artificial characters in normal script. Therefore, it allowed interaction between the performer and audience, such as spoken words or even the audience did not give any response it is still 3 response. The origin of performing arts can be found in many countries especially those European countries.
As for Asia countries, performing art is still not very commonly use in schools. People choose to study performing arts for many reasons, it included many personal benefactions or just because they enjoy it. However, people have variety opinions towards how performing arts affect their life and is this really a waste of time, money and resource for studying this particular subject. In my opinion, studying performing arts is not a waste of time.
It is because performing in front of a crowd; no matter it is a large or even a small audience; an he very astounding but during practice time, people will more or little grow in confidence by seeing their improvements, they will be able to use this confidence in every phase in their daily life, The most important key that a performer need is communication, tort example: musician and actor communicate with the audience, actor, photographer and dancer communicate with director, they will be able to done their job with a well communication and cooperation.
In this case, to be a part of the performing arts students can improve and develop interpersonal skills. In additions, there is also proved that participate in Music, Drama and Dance will improve people’s concentration levels in their work and also develop a new phase of understanding and knowledge to the particular subject. According to the research, there are also psychological and spiritual advantages which performing art brings calmness, self discipline, self expression and fulfillment.
On the Other hand, there are thousands Of people in this whole did world think that studying in performing art this subject is really a vast of time, money and resource. They believe that whoever studied in this particular subject will not have any job opportunity in this society. This is a cruel society, most Of the people may have the thought that if you like to have stable income every month or year, you should not have achieving this by doing what u enjoyed. This means that only when hard work is paid then only people can have the satisfied outcome.

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