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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:58
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I read the book The Island of Dr. Mireau. The book starts when Prendick is in a dinghy of the ship the Vain Lady. Prendick is the main character in the book.
The Vain Lady had sunk. A ship finds him a takes him along. On the ship Prendick sees a bunch of dogs and rabbits. On the ship is where he meets Montgomery.
He is the captain of the shop. When Prendick gets on the ship he is thirst , burnt and hungry. He gets the care that he needs on the ship. The ship is heading to an island.
The dock on the island is a ditch looking thing. They start unloading the cargo and are letting the rabbits out of their cages. He talks to a guy and he says that the island does not have enough meet. He gets put in a room where he can hear the sound of pain coming from the next room. He leaves the room to explore the island.
This is my favorite part of the book. He is walking in trees. Then he sees some thing. It is by a water pond. It is drinking the water on all fours. He tries to get closer to what he describes as a beast.
The beast gets wind of him and takes off. It runs into the under brush and vanishes. Then he comes across a dead rabbit carcass. It was still warm. He starts to walk on. Then he sees three beasts.
He keeps getting closer and closer going as quietly as he can. Then he sees them dancing and chanting. He finally decides to go back to the house type thing. As he is going though the trees he hears an echo. He stops and sees another pair of feet. He keeps walking then he stops a looks and listens for the beast.
He gets a glimpse of the beast. He heads in it direction. He starts yelling for its name. The beats starts to walk away.
Then he starts thinking to him self why does it not attack me. He starts walking back to the house place. He still is being followed by the beast. He starts to run along the beach. The beast is running along the side of the underbrush. It is dark outside now.
He starts to get real tired. He finds a good-sized rock and puts it on a hanker chief and raps the hanker chief around the rock. Now it is like a weapon. He stops and taunts the beast to come and get him. The beast stared at him for a while. Then the beast started to run at him.
Then the beast took a big jump at him. Then he took the rock weapon and swung it at the beast with what little energy he had. The weapon stuck the beast right on the left temple of his head. The beast fell to the ground and he felt great relief. Then he saw light on the other side of the island coming from the house thing. He got back to the safe house and instead of animal cries it was human cries.
Then he fell asleep. In the morning he went and checked if the beast was still there. He found out that it wasn’t there. He walked in to the under brush and the beast was signaling him to go over there. He did then he followed him to were all the beasts live.
He sees a dark figure in the corner and it tells him to repeat after him and he does. He is stating laws and the book goes on and if you want to know the rest of the book read it. I liked this book. I would read another book by this author because it seems that he keeps the story going.
The reader of the book

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