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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:28
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Jalisco has the third largest economy in Mexico. Jalisco exports more then US$4 billion to over 81 countries annually. Jalisco manufactures more than 60% of all computers made in Mexico. Jalisco ranks first in trade shows and exhibitions in Mexico.
Jalisco is the No. 1 in agribusiness, computers, jewerly manufacture. Jalisco is the second largest supplier of foodstuffs in Mexico. Jalisco’s location provides an excellent base for trade and investment opportunities with countries both North America and the Pacific Rim.
Jalisco is the second largest tourist destination in Mexico. Jalisco is the second largest and busiest international airport in Mexico. More then 20 “Fortune 500” companies have operations in Jalisco. Thirty-four of the largest Mexican companies are based in Jalisco.
Guadalajara has the second largest distribution and retail center in Mexico. The name “Jalisco” is comes from the Nahuatl words (the prehispanic language of the Mexica or Aztecs) “xalli” – meaning sand or gravel – and “ixtli” – meaning face, or by extension, plane. Thus, Jalisco, remarkable for its sandy soil literally means “sandy plain. Jalisco is seperated by the peaks of the Sierra Madre. Jalisco is known for having a complex landscape – now lofty plain, now rugged sierra – the area is however very good for fertility, and is as beautiful and varied as any in Mexico, ranging from fresh pine woods and cool pastures to lush tropical forest.
This state stretches all the way to the coast, with resorts and beaches that vary from the sophistication of Puerto Vallarta to the simplicity of Barra de Navidad. Jalisco wasnt very much inhabited until well into the 18th century, the high valleys of Jalisco were left to develop their own strong regional traditions and solid agricultural economy: there’s a wealth of local produce, both agricultural and traditionally manufactured, from avocados to tequila, and glassware to guitars. Relative isolation also made the region a bastion of conservatism – in the years following the Revolution the Catholic Cristero counter-revolutionary guerrilla movement enjoyed its strongest support here. Easy going Guadalajara, Mexico’s second city is the area’s best-known destination, packed with elegant buildings and surrounded by scenic country. Further afield the land spreads spectacularly green and mountainous, studded with volcanoes and lakes, including Lake Chapala. There are many Fiestas around here and there are among the most vital in Mexico, and there’s a legacy of village handicrafts that survives from the earliest days of conquest.
Jalisco is the most serene state in the country, relaxing, easy to get about, and free of urban hassle. Add to this the fact that Jalisco is the home of mariachi and of tequila and you’ve got a region where you could easily spend a couple of weeks exploring without even beginning to see it all. Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco. Guadalajara has a reputation as a slower, more conservative and traditional place than Mxico.
Many claim that this is the most Mexican of Mexican cities, having evolved as a regional center of trade and commerce. Being less frenetic than Mexico City, however, doesn’t make it peaceful, and by any standards this is a huge, sprawling, noisy and energetic city. Growth has, if anything, been accelerating in recent years, boosted by the campaign to reduce Mxico’s pollution by encouraging people and industry to move to the provinces. Still, it’s an enjoyable place to visit and to see something of traditional and modern Mexico, offering everything from museums and colonial architecturePuerto Vallarta is one of the biggest tourism cities in Jalisco. Puerto Vallarta sits on the Costa Dorada of Mexico, at the mid-point of Banderas Bay, where the Pacific Ocean washes the border between Jalisco and Nayarit.
Its tropical clim ate is often compared to Hawaii’s. Puerto Vallarta is at the center of one of the world’s largest bays – the “Baha de Banderas” , or “Bay of Flags”. The giant horseshoe shaped Bay has over 40 miles of coast along its circumference and measures about 20 miles from land’s center to the open ocean and about 25 miles across, with depths of up to 2 miles. The depth and calmness of the Bay afford the perfect location for some of the best snorkeling and fishing in the world. In addition, from December to April of

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