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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:21
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Within this report is information on how JavaScript is used on the Internet. This report will contain information that will help you learn about JavaScript and its uses on the Internet. It mentions what JavaScript is, where it originated and what some of its uses are. JavaScript is a loosely typed scripting language that resembles the programming language C. It is designed to be an extension to HTML and is usually included within HTML scripts.
JavaScript is object-oriented and has block-structuring features. The main feature of JavaScript is that it lets you build interactive web pages. JavaScript allows you to respond to a user’s input in the form of text, buttons selected, or mouse clicks, and can generate a response to the user’s computer. JavaScript originated from within the labs of Netscape Communications Corporation in 1994. It was invented so a computing language could build web pages and applications more effectively. When it first appeared it was thought that it was a new form of C, but later turned out to be this wonderful new language called JavaScript.
There were skeptics that said the language was a dud and would never catch on, but now more people are learning JavaScript then ever before. JavaScript is used within HTML tags so that the page setup in already present when the JavaScript starts to run. There are many different uses for JavaScript on the Net. It can be used to make mail forms that a customer or person trying to input information can use.
The program will allow the user to input information, then it will automatically send that info to a designated email address with the click of a button. It can also be used to put a password on a certain web page; a user trying to enter the page must then input the correct commands and passwords to enter the page. Another command added to this code will make it so that if the user enters the wrong password the code will send them to a site of the scripts designers choice. JavaScript is also a popular language for making simple interactive games like bridge and peg games. These codes can provide hours of fun! JavaScript is used mainly on pages that need to allow users to enter information or choose from options on the page. One section of the Net that relies heavily on JavaScript is E-Commerce.
JavaScript is used on the sites order forms, mail forms and questionnaires. Most sites use JavaScript for some reason most use it to get feedback from people who visit the page and some use it to make their page as interactive as possible. In conclusion the Internet with JavaScript would be like coffee without caffeine or chocolate without sugar. It would be lacking and would be an understatement. JavaScript allows webmasters to broaden their page’s interaction with the users who visit the site.
To make many of the programs that are easily made in JavaScript, in HTML it would take more time and more effort to get the same results. I think every Internet user will agree that without JavaScript the Internet would be colourless and boring.

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