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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:15
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The poem Jetliner is a poem that uses personification for the main part of the poem. It talks about plane in a form of what a human does when he is running or jogging. The poem talks how when a person runs he or she uses there powerful force to move as a plane does. The poem talks about the ways of comparing a plane to a jogger getting ready to start running. After a while you can tell what the poet is trying to say because he mentions what the plane does and at the same time tells what a runner does. He compares the plane’s parts to parts of a person.
In the end he talks about a plane talking off and flying like a person would do in a state of mind of running fast into the wind. This poem uses similes and metaphors to compare these two objects. In the end the poem is telling us humans can be powerful so the poet compares the to a jetliner. In the poem the poet brings the attention on whether the poem makes sense, meaning the jetliner compared. He asks about the way the poem says its main idea. Whether he thinks that people aren”t as massive and strong as huge jetliners.
I wonder if too, if you can really compare such tiny and massive things, but I guess the poet is trying to tell us that we aren”t so small and we can make a huge difference in the world. The poet also asks whether we act like a real jetliner. In some ways we do, like we start of jogging usually and catch some more speed. We also scream and shout. We can also not be like jetliners as the poet says. We can not be like jetliners when because are hearts aren”t as loud, they don”t beat like strong thunders, so I think the poet is asking if we really have anything in common with a jetliner and I think we do in some ways and I bet he does too.

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