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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:25
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In His painting called Hobo (1999) exhibited at MOCA, Museum of Comtemporay Art) Downtown San Diego, the size of the painting was about 3 feet by 2 feet, a moderate-sized canvas paintings.
. Framed with thick wooden round frames painted in creamy white color, presenting a naive, child-like object that is just harmless approach to the viewers perhaps asking for the acceptance of his work as a child’s play. However, the subject matter he decides to depict in his paintings makes the viewers wonder if the artist is a sexist. In his figure of woman whom he portrays as voluptuous yet somewhat not in proportion, anatomically impossible human figures which tells me that the artist is inspired by Hollywood, run way models, His main interest seems to be woman, especially breasts. Most of the shapes in his painting Hobe seems to assimilate the shape of woman’s breasts. The waves in her hair the bag she’s carrying and the most obviously the small yellow bag that’s attached to the wooden stick that she’s holding with delicate touch.
The woman’s arms are so thin and they are almost as thin as the stick which seems to give the fragile image of women. The color of this paining is quite extraordinary, not very modernistic. He seems to imitate the styles of taken in the styles from old Renaissance painters such as Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. The texture of the painting is seems to generate the feeling of age and tradition yet the subject matter is so contemporary. the title Hobo seems to be miss representing the glamorous image of the women.
She’s wearing what seems to be silk laungerie and gold chained jewelry around her waist. Her face is well made, rosy cheeks with red lipstick. Her facial expression gives an impression that she’s enjoying being in her own world. Spaced out look she seems she’s somewhat delighted about something.
Her fair skin complexion tells that she has not been outside for a long time. It seems too perfect to be labeled as hobo. Currin’s infatuation with women’s figure was perhaps because of how out modern culture views how the body of women should be and he place them in a traditional setting by placing them back in the time of Da Vinci, he does this so by imitating his style, the dreamy colors he picks to portray his subjects. His painting certainly seems to challenge the notion that painting can act as an authority, making people uncomfortable. His inspiration of painting seems to be produced from Hollywood glamour, image-obsessed culture, American pinup girls, More often these nudes are “delicate sexual provocations and slipping uncannily back and forth between memories of highly paid American fashion models with pinup girl pasts to the supernatural beauty of Renaissance Venuses or the sinister sexuality of Renaissance Eves.” Hobo “re-create the traditional religious figure of Saint Christopher who fords a stream with infant Christ on his shoulder.”Unlike the traditional figurative paintings of women done by Michaelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci, Currin’s paintings

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