Lascaux cave paintings Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:55
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The Lascar cave paintings On September 12, 1940 in Doreen, Prance, four men named Marcel Arrival, Jacques Marshal, Simon Sconces, and Georges Ageing, came upon a long forgotten cave- Lascar. The Lascar cave, now a World Heritage site, has been called the Lascar bestiary. A revolution occurred in the creation of art during the upper Paleolithic Era in Europe. Beginning around 40,000 B. C. , records shows that modern humans replaced Neanderthals and remained the only hominid inhabitants across Europe. At about the same time the earliest art was created.
These creative achievements fall into one out of two categories. Paintings and engravings found in caves along walls and ceilings are parietal art. The caves where paintings have been found are most likely to not have served as shelter, but instead were for ceremonial or religious purposes. The second category, mobility art, includes sculpted objects which are typically found buried at habitation sites. The painted walls of the caves in Lascar are sores of the most impressive and well-known artistic creations of Paleolithic humans.
Although there is one human mage (painted humans are very rare in Paleolithic art), most of the paintings show animals found in the surrounding area, such as bison, mammoths, ibex, bulls, horses, deer, lions, bears, and wolves, They are both animals that would have been hunted and eaten as well as those that were feared predators (such as lions, bears, and wolves No vegetation or painting of the environment is shown around the animals. These pictures are accompanied by signs and some human representations, such as a man facing a charging bison, raising new questions about our prehistoric ancestors.

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