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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:33
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“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people” Theodore RooseveltLeadership is an essential part of management.
Being one of the four universal functions of management, leading is arguably the most importantfunction. In the twenty-first century, more businesses and companies required their workers to work more on team operations rather than individually. One of the most effective elements to those teams’ success is its leaders. Without the management of a strong leader, a team can only go so far. In a startling statistic found by USA Weekend, 40 percent of all new managers are out of a job within the first 18 months.
However, beyond the obvious reasons mentioned in the article, such as termination or voluntary leave, the simple facts are that they were not prepared to work in partnerships and teamwork. Throughout this paper, I will be discussing the importance of practicing effective leadership. I will explore the Kohl’s Department Store way of leadership by giving detailed examples of what they do to ensure good teamwork and the type of leadership it takes to ensure a successful work team. Below is the Kohl’s Department Store Mission Statement.
Our MissionOur mission is to be a. . . Value Oriented,Family focused Department StoreOur goal is to.
. Offer our customers the best value in any given marketOur pricing strategy emphasizes value by. . . .
Offering attractive prices, andOffering name brand merchandiseIn a Department Store atmosphere Before successful teamwork can occur, effective planning, communication and motivation must be practiced by team leaders. Without effectivecommunication, a team can not function successfully. Kohl’s department store runs its operation as a team effort. Store manager, Audrey McCaskey, works with other employees and assistant managers of the store to come up with ways to improve their store’s performance. As the leader, Audrey is a strong willed manager who fits every characteristic of a good store manager.
Her approaches at times are fierce yet ethical, and with her team, she is determined to get the job done; proving that leadership is an essential part of a managers position. There are three basic types of leadership: transactional leaders, charismaticleaders, and transformational leaders. Transactional leaders are the types who get the job done and stick to the required task. They are hardworking and determined to succeed in performance. Charismatic leaders are leaders who have a vision anduse their ability to motivate to reach their goals.
Charismatic leaders use their motivational techniques to encourage employees to work hard. They are alsocreative and make it so that employees can work hard but be excited about it at the same time. Transformational leaders are leaders who strive toward change. These leaders are the ones who can bring life back into a failing company with great success. While these types of leadership are characterized separately, it is possible for a leader to be more than one type.
When Audrey came to be General Managerof Kohl’s back in 1997, Kohl’s was excelling in sales and profit. Her energy and motivation (although sometimes a bit sarcastic), as well as her visions for the store, classify her as a charismatic leader. However, I would also classify her as atransactional leader. Besides motivating employees, Audrey is hardworking and determined to get the job done. She runs her store efficiently and tries to keep it rolling as a smooth operation. THE SIX STYLES OF LEADERSHIPLeadership is a complex position that varies in many ways.
In the Harvard Business Review, writer Daniel Goleman explains the six distinct styles ofleadership. Coercive leaders demand immediate compliance. Authoritative leaders mobilize their people toward a vision. Affiliative leaders create emotional bonds and compatibility. Democratic leaders build consensus through participation.
Pacesetting leaders expect excellence and self direction, and coaching leaders develop people for the future. (Goleman)Goleman’s research found that leaders don’t necessarily rely on just any one of styles listed above. In fact, most managers use all the different styles on the job at some point or another. Many of theses management styles are practiced within the management team of Kohl’s. Through these different styles, management is able to lead in amore effective manner. Coercive leaders – Management at Kohl’s demands that each and every employee give 100% while on the job.

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