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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:58
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In William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily,” Emily becomes a minor legend during her lifetime. After her death, when her secret is revealed, hers becomes a story that no one can forget. “A Rose for Emily” is the story of the old maid who fell in love with a northerner, but resisted being jilted once too often.
And only after her death, “When the curious towns people were able to enter her house at last, did they discover that she had kept her dead lover in the bed where she had killed him after their last embrace. ” (Kazin 162) . “In her bedroom, Emily and the dead Homer have remained together as though not even death could separate them. ”(Kazin 162) . Even though her lover had been dead for many years, she found her own way for them to remain together.
While being isolated in her home, she becomes somewhat of a small legend in the town, after she dies, and her secret is revealed, “it becomes so appalling that no one can forget. ” (Kazin 162) . “It is the monstrousness of this view which creates the final atmosphere of horror, and the scene is intensified by the portrayal of the unchanged objects which have surrounded Homer in life. ” (Lewis 157). “Miss Emily Grierson remains in voluntary isolation away from the bustle and dust and sunshine of the human world of normal affairs, and what in the end is found in the upstairs room gives perhaps a sense of penetrating and gruesome horror. ”(Brooks and Warren 158) .
As revolting as it is, Emily chooses to separate her self from daily life and live in that house for years with the dead body of her lover, Homer. This story also tells a story of a woman set in her ways, for example; when townspeople come to her door every year to collect her tax, and she replies that she does not owe the city any money. “ A Rose for Emily would seem to be saying that man must come to terms with the past and the present. ”(Lewis 157) . “Stories that show all too clearly how airily Faulkner can reproduce the manipulation of the reader’s emotions is the real aim of the commercial short story.
(Kazin 162) . “The total story says what has been said in so much successful literature. ” (Lewis 157) . “Man’s plight is tragic, but that there is heroism in an attempt to rise above it. ”(Lewis 157) . Emily Grierson for years has slept beside the physical remains of her dead lover and is sadly a victim of a father who dominated her for years, and drove away suitors.
She is victimized also by a lover who would leave her, and by a passion, which would murder rather than let him go. “The incestuous image of the father and daughter that suggests the corrupt nature of the new south, is a Faulknerian concern. ”(Pierce 1362) . When love is gone, and the lover is killed, Miss Emily clings to the illusion of love. For forty years Emily Grierson has slept beside the physical remains of her dead lover.
“In her bedroom, Emily and the dead Homer have remained together as though not even death could separate them. ”(Kazin 162) . “She is also a victim of her lover who would leave her”, but she is driven “by her passion which would kill him rather then let him leave. ”(Pierce 1362) . “When his love is gone, and she has killed him, she holds on to her illusion of their love. ”( Pierce 1362) .
“But even in the story, the intended gothic touch of horror counts less with Faulkner than the human drama of the southern woman unable to understand how much the world has changed around her. ”(Kazin 162) . Some people who recall the time when Miss Emily was young, remember,“When she was young and part of the world with which she was contemporary, she was, we were told, a slender figure in white, and also contrasted with her father, who is described as a spraddled silhouette. ”(West 149) .
Emily is also described as “Not monstrous, but rather looked like a girl with a vague resemblance to those angels in colored church windows-sort of .

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