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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:46
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Little Price “Story”It all happened one day while I was sitting in my back yard trying to come up with ideas for my English paper.
I had to write about my family. A little boy, maybe 8 or 9, my age, walked through the back gate and just stood there looking a bit confused. I asked him who he was and what he was looking for, and he responded, Are you looking for a friend also?I loved meeting new people so I said, Sure, why not? He asked me what I was doing and I explained my whole English paper project. He seemed pretty interested in what I had to say which surprised me because I thought this project was pretty boring.
He then asked if he could help me and I said yes since I needed all the help I could get. What is your name? I asked. Name? Well the people on my planet just call me Little Prince. What is your umm name?On your planet? What do you mean on your planet?My planet, Sublime. What is your name?Jacob, but I am still confused. Dont worry about it.
Ill explain some other time. So that was my first encounter with the Little Prince. I figured since he was going to be helping me write about my family, he should meet my family. I brought the Little Prince in to my house and up to my sisters room where she was getting ready for her big date she had been babbling about ALL week. Hannah, this is my new friend I just met today. He is going to help me with my family project.
I dont have time to worry about you and your little friends. I only have three hours until my date!Three hours?! It takes you that long to get ready?, asked the Little Prince. Well, yeah. I have to look really good for this guy! Then the Little Prince looked at me and told me my sister was too caught up in self image, and that she worries too much about what others think about her. So now I have learned one new thing about my older sister.
Caught up in self image I thought I should jot that down on my yellow notepad that contains my notes for my paper (even though I did not have very many notes to begin with). I then heard my dad in the living room yelling at the television. He was watching the football game. Dad, can you help me with this really quickly?Sure son.
What do you need?How do you spell cracker? I cant remember. C-r-a-c-k-e-r. Mr. Jones, the Little Prince replied.
What is that you are watching?Well young man this would be the greatest sport on the face of the Earth!What is it called?If you have never watched this before you are missing out on a lot. This sport is better than any other sport out there!Whats it called?Football! You are telling me you have never watched or even heard of it before?No. Do you mind if I watch with you?Sure! No problem!So the Little Prince sat with my dad and watched football on the television for at least thirty minutes. He seemed so amazed by the game I thought was boring. After I interrupted the two of them so the Little Prince and I could get back to work, it seemed the only thing the Little Prince talked about was football.
He told me that he thought my dad was a great guy and it was so nice of him to take his time to help him understand something new that amazed him. He said my dad showed a great sense of selflessness. I was not sure what that meant but I wrote it on my notepad anyway. Do you want to play football?Maybe later, but we need to finish up this paper.
Will you teach me how to play?Sure when we get this thing done. GREAT!I then took the Little Prince to see my big brother. He was counting his money and figuring out how much it would cost to buy a new skateboard.Yes! I have enough money to buy my new skateboard and I still have two extra dollars left over!Hi, Matt! This is my new friend

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