Looking At American History : What Was The Key Factor Of The Problem For The Past 1900 Years?

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:06
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Looking at American history, anyone can see that many problems started to show up in the middle 1900’s that were never a problem for the past 1900 years. One wonders why what was a sin since the creation of the world doesn’t seem to be a ‘biggy’ anymore. If one were to look in to the history of Christianity in America they will notice a great change that affected everything afterwards. The key factor of many of the problems in America is the cause of taking God out of schools.
Up until 1962, the typical American school would use the Bible as their starting block of education. The students would learn how to read by reading the Bible. They would obtain great knowledge from the Bible and learn the principals of life. The students would also grow in their faith in God at school. Although there were time periods when America walked away from God, after several national revivals, America was one of the most prestigious countries in the world. In the middle of America was God. Though many people may have never known God in a personal relationship, most of the people knew that there is a God and there was no doubt about it. Many people with a perfect life can admit that life is too good and perfect so there just needs to be some drama to make it interesting. So also America was so good that some people decided to make drama or a fuse about having God in schools and have prayer time part of the school schedule. So in 1962, Supreme Court voted 8-1 that “School-sponsored prayer in public schools is unconstitutional” (Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts) according to the First Amendment. And so, basically, God was taken out of schools.
The Results of this action is momentous: from families, to crimes, to the government, to entertainment, to the debauchery of the nation. After 1962, the students that graduated, without God part of their school, had less understanding of God and did not see how much God should be involved in their lives. As a result, these students had their own families and the less God was in their lives, the more problems came into their lives. Their families broke because of the lack of knowledge of what God says about marriage and family. Children of broken families went through much anger and emotions. This often lead them to get involved in crimes or addictions of any sort. Many students, after 1962, began to work in the government and began to promote things Americans had never even considered until then. Through this, immorality became popular and the entertainment, little by little, started to promote depravity and satanic practices. Greatly influenced by entertainment, Americans changed drastically. What once was of great importance, meant nothing. The State of Connecticut website provides a graph of the total crime rates in America and as you can see (in the image of the graph) from 1960 crime rates went sky-rocketing (State of Connecticut). Gun violence, domestic violence, depression, violence in media, addictions, homelessness, pornography, abortions, etc., are many the gradually results of children not learning about who God is at least in school.
The solutions for this is: is there a solution? The Christians in America can pray for America, but they have already been doing that all along. They can minister to the unsaved but the unsaved grew up in this environment of debauchery that following the Lord’s path would be very hard for them. The Christians can bring revivals to this nation but the effects would be so little in America. Christians must start raising their children and teach them about God and distinguish what is wrong and what is right. They must show them that without God, nothing would be possible and that what America is like today, is a result of the nation rejecting God. One way for the Christians to save their children from this polluted world is to home schooling them, or sending them to a Christian school, getting them involved in their church, or in a variety of ministries. They can possibly restricting them from some kinds of entertainment or worldly friends. If ones get offended by such actions, well why not what bad does it bring to the children? Through these children, God can do a lot to this nation. King David many years ago pleaded to God: “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? Show us your unfailing love, Lord, and grant us your salvation.”(Psalm 85.6-7) This should every American Christian’s prayer because through prayer, Christians can ask for power through the Holy Spirit to do what God has instore for America.
Hopefully after reading this, all may see how much God means to America. As there was a way that God was taken from schools, there is also a way God can be brought back and it will happen by only Gods will and power. May God’s grace and power be with all the Christians of the United States America.

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