Lovely Traditions, And Stupid Rituals Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:01
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Lovely Traditions or Stupid Rituals?When I first read the story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, I was appaled by the was the townspeople treated the persnon who drew the black dot. They didnt have the common sense to know that killing a person that the community depended on somehow was not a good thing. To me, thats pure lunacy. Why would you want to kill a close friend or family member? Maybe its just me, but that dosent make too much sense. Nowdays, we have a bunch of lovely Traditions and a whole slugful of Stupid Rituals. Lets first take a look at a bachelor party.
This is what I would call a Stupid Ritual. There is basicly no point to it, a bunch of guys that are trying to give their buddy one last chance at being free befor the marrige. Buying a bunch of liqour and getting exoctic dancers in there to liven things up just sounds like trouble to me. Why is this ritual still taking place? There must be a positive thing that 15 guys can do besides try to get their buddy to have sex with an exotic dancer. If you love someone enough to devote your whole life to them, why would you wanna mess it up the night before? Isnt marrige a sacred thing in the U.
S. anymore? Next, how about the Lovely Tradition of still making land mines? These things kill 25,000 people a year (largely children) they are maimed and killed by these mines while the world press doesn’t even mention their fate in the daily news. People should insist that the companies who make and lay land mines clean them up. First step: let’s make a list of the factories and the people who produce them, and tell on the news when they’re being laid.
Planting mines is just as criminal as going into a high school and shooting kids. They arent even a somewhat civilized war tool, not chalenge is involved to kill your opponet and anyone else that may be walking in the general vacinity of the mine.

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