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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:10
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Martin Luther King Jr Essay. was a fine and strong man and should be viewed as such, along with other American heroes, such as Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. He truly believed in his philosophy till his death. Martin Luther King Jr.
was born on January 19, 1929, to Albert and Martin Luther King Sr. He was the second child in the family, with an older sister, and a younger brother coming later. As a boy, Martin was extremely smart, and could read before the age of six. He had already set academic standards for himself by stating that he would finish school priorr to his year older sister. In my opinion this could have had a major effect on King’s life by encouraging him to learn faster and better.
Martin was first exposed to racism at an early age, (probably six, none of my sources specified his exact age at the time) when he was not allowed to play with some white friends of his. Martin also became accustomed to his liberal ideas while he was still in grade school. This became known to his mother after Martin said “You know, when I grow up to be a man, I’m going to hit this thing, and hit it hard, Mother; there’s no such thing as one people better than another. The Lord created us all equal , and I’m going to see to that. “Over the years King was involved in many famous boycotts and marches, but none of them matched his famous march in Washington. He gave a speech that showed bigotry in the government.
Now, just 20 years later, our country is changing, and helping to change South Africa. The key to all this success was Martin Luther King Jr. who showed us that one man, nonviolently, could make a difference. Most of all he made us realize that all men are created equal, and should be treated for what they are, not limited by their appearance or anything else in this world. .

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