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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:46
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My topic for my report is Michael Jackson Essay.
Michael Jackson is a longtime popmusic star, known as the King of Pop. Michael is a winner of many Grammys and othermusic awards. My first subtopic goes into his music. The details giong into Music are hismany albums, the many awards Michael Jackson has won, and the songs he has written. Mysecond subtopic goes into the history of Michael Jackson. The details going itno Historyare Michael’s family members, the places he has lived, and Michael Jackson’s family life.
My third subtopic goes into his tours. The details going itno Tours are the places he hasgiven concerts, the incidents that happened on his tours, and the kinds of people that wereat his concerts. My fourth subtopic goes goes into the interviews of Michael Jackson. Thedetails going into Interviews are the television interviews, the magazine interviews, andthe newspaper interviews. To find all of this out, you have to be patient and read thisreport! Michael Jackson is the King of Pop music.
When Michael Jackson was nine years old,he started being the lead singer of the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 also consisted of his olderbrothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon. (Jackson: 8) The Jackson 5 had many songs. Michael Jackson’s first solo album is called “Off the Wall,” and it first released in 1979. The songs on “Off The Wall” include “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and “Rock WithYou. ” His following albums include “Bad,” “Thriller,” and “Dangerous.
” Michael had a 2CD album called “HIStory Past, Present, and Future Book 1,” and it first released in 1995. The first CD has his most popular songs from the past. The second CD has his newestincluding “Scream,” which is a duet with with his younger sister Janet Jackson, “You AreNot Alone,” which was a 1996 Grammy Awards nominee, and “Childhood,” which is thetheme to “Free Willy 2. ” Some of his past songs include “Black And White,” “Billie Jean,””Thriller,” “Beat It,” “Remember The Time,” and “Heal The World.
” Michael Jackson hasbeen famous for so long that he has won many awards, especially Grammys. Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana. His Mother’sname is Katherine and his father’s name is Joseph. Michael’s older siblings are Maureen,Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, and Marlon. (Jackson: 8) Michael’s younger siblings areRandy and Janet. (Jackson: 8) Janet is a famous pop music star just like her older brotherMichael.
Tito’s sons Taj, Taryll, and T. J. are a famous music group called 3T. TheJackson family lived in a small home in Gary, Indiana. Michael’s mother Katherine wascrippled by polio since she was a child. (Jackson: 12) When she was a child, she partiallyrecovered from polio when many died from the disease at that time.
(Jackson: 12) Michael has been on his “World Tour” for a few years. Lately, he has to wearsomething over his face during concerts because of his skin condition called vitiligo. (Carlson: 6) In 1984, Michael and his brothers from the Jackson 5 reunited for their”Victory” tour. (Anonymous: 519) There were many different kinds of people at hisconcerts, all Michael Jackson fans. Michael Jackson has had many interviews. Some are true, and some are trash.
Therehave been interviews on him in magazines from People to Enquirer. Michael has been onmany television shows and networks, including MTV and VH1. He has been interviewedby newspapers worldwide. Lately, most interviews have been about him being afather-to-be and his recent marriage to Debbie Rowe, the mother of his child. Pastinterviews have been about his marriage in 1994 and his divorce in the summer of 1996from Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley’s daughter.
Another subject of his past interviewshave been about his alleged rape a few years ago. That was my report on Michael Jackson. I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoyedreading it! Some additional information I’d like to add is that that Jackson 5’s firstrecorded song is “Big Boy,” wich was the beginning of their stardom. (Jackson: 42)Bibliography 1.
Anonymous, “Jackson, Michael,” Compton’s Multimedia Encyclopedia, Copyright 1991, p. 1 2. Anonymous, “Jackson, Michael,” Microsoft Encarta ’95, Copyright 1994, p. 1 3.
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monash. edu. au/frestlyz/mj/mjbio. html Copyright February 3, 1996, p.

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