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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:16
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Gillooly 1Brian GilloolyGrandEnglish 1a29 April 1999Micro BreweriesMicro brews have taken America by storm lately. Their popularity has increased dramatically in the past few years. While their overall production of beer is far less than that of the macro brew beers, their popularity has more than doubled in the past few years. Domestic beers still control the beer market due to the fact they are about 98% of the beer business. Macro breweries produce and sell so many more beers than micro breweries but, at most stores that sell beer, micro beers average about 40% of the beers on the shelves.
While domestic beers have more ability to control the beer market and are more well known, micro brews are favored by taste by consumers, the micro breweries put more care into making the beer, and almost every brewery makes a variety of styles of beer. A major disadvantage of being a micro brewery is that the domestic beers have a much better ability to control the beer market. The justice department has alleged that Anheuser-Busch Cos. here has caused distributors to drop smaller brands and micro brews in favor of its product. (Richard Turesik 1) Due to the fact that Macro beers (domestic beers) are about 98% of the beer market, they get to control the beer market. There was accusations a few years back that Anheuser Busch threatened to stop distributing their beer to stores unless they stopped selling micro brews.
Of course Anheuser Busch denied the entire thing, but an investigation did take place on the matter. Another disadvantage for microbreweries is how well each brewery is known. Everyone has heard of the big macro breweries such as Budweiser, Anheuser Busch, Miller, and Coors. There are many more macrobrews out there and all of them are pretty well known. It is a lot harder for a micro brew to be well known when they are in competition with hundreds of other micro brews.
Many people when they buy Gillooly 2beer just buy beer that they consider to be popular. The beer they consider popular are the only beers they have heard of, these beers almost always turn out to be macro brews. Macro brews are so much more well known because of their commercials and other advertising methods. So, for micro brews to be sold they have to have special ways of advertising. Advertising styles are very different between micro brews and domestics. Domestic breweries advertise on TV and just try to get the name of their beer out to the public.
Since microbreweries cant afford to advertise on TV a lot, they try and catch a beer consumers eye with a catchy name, or a nice looking logo on their bottles or boxes. Commercials for macro brew usually just consist of a few shots of their product around a bunch of people dancing. Most of the commercials also consist of women wearing skimpy outfits to catch the eye of the male viewers watching there commercial. The few micro beer commercials I have seen always advertised the quality of their ingredients and what types of beer the produce.
One of my favorite Micro brew commercials is a Guinness stout commercial. All they show on the commercial is some one pouring the beer, then the beer settling into the glass. No gimmicks or trick advertisement, they just show the quality of their beer. What is a micro brew? Well a micro brew is a beer that is produced in small quantities compared to the macro brews. By small quantities I mean up to 60,000 barrels a year. Each barrel makes about 150 six packs.
Most micro breweries produce a variety of there type of beer. Common types of beer made by microbreweries are pale ales: these are usually a light color and moderately bitter. Amber ale: amber ale is a reddish color beer, usually as a richer stronger beer taste. Stout is another common style of beer among microbreweries. A stout is a darker thicker beer, full in flavor and very smooth. The most favorite stout is Guinness, a very thick, strong, dark, and it tastes very good.
. Also, many microbreweries have a style of beer that is brewed with a

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