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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:43
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My First NSW Indoor Cricket gameWalking into the Windsor gardens indoor cricket center in Adelaide, there was a cold breeze from the chilly winter morning fresh from the Adelaide hills. Approaching the cricket center I have never been before. My adrenaline started to pump and my stomach filled with butterflies. As we got closer to the door my heart began to beat tremendously hard and began to feel as though it was beating out of my chest and I felt as though I could take on anything.
As the security at the door greeted us I noticed he had facial piercing, tattoos and he was dressed in black looking as if he was from a notorious gang or cult, his facial expression were as if he had a black soul and was in disguise of death, but looks can be deceiving. Stepping into the cricket center there was a loud chant of hundreds of spectators cheering, waiting for the first game to be played. As I looked around all the sound began to fade away as if I was going deaf, but all I could hear was my heart beating over everything it was like all my sense were fading away. As I looked around every player in my team had the same nervous look and they were probably feeling like I was. While we were waiting to see where we had to go, I could see the Western Australian team with their game faces on. When I looked up it was like a bunch of shadows over the top of me making me feel extremely small even though they weren’t any taller than I was maybe it was in their training to intimidate me and boy that did work until the game started the intimidation stopped.

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